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What happened on GeoMapGames website ?

PROD_S043_C017 : What happened on GeoMapGames website ? : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun with Geography Map Games!

We are logging here a few informations about our activity concerning solving issues and adding functionnalities. Check it often to be aware about what is new!

  • 2015/06/09

- Adding a captcha to Contact Us form to reduce spam and thus improve quality of contacts with users.


  • 2015/06/05

- Correcting a bug concerning blanks page comments.


  • 2015/06/03

- Correcting a bug concerning logs, displaying an error message in the header.

- Correcting Captcha issue. It was no more working since server swap. It has been corrected.


  • 2015/06/01

- Correcting an issue preventing new personnal high score to be saved on new server and the final popup with "Play again" to be displayed.


  • 2015/05/22

- Correcting an error preventing Clubs page list to be displayed on new server.


  • 2015/05/20

- Correcting "too many people..." recurent error by moving website to a new server more powerful.


  • 2014/05/29

- Correction about scores and game speed on Cities of Brazil and Capitals of USA


  • 2014/05/15

- New Game : Cities of Brazil (Premium Only)

  • 2014/05/06

- Correction v2 : Ranks and Top Score issue.

- Correction cities location and names on : Capitals of USA

- Correction freezing issue and animations speed on : Capitals of USA



  • 2014/05/06

- Correction : Ranks and Top Score issue.

- New game mobile and tablet compatible: Capitals of USA

- ARENA, DUELS, GEOz and GEOz features are removed for an unspecified time.


  • 2014/03/21

- Correction spelling on "Miasta w Polsce"


  • 2014/03/18

- Adding a new functionnality: Now, unread messages in your mailbox will show up notifications in header

- Correcting a bug preventing MT to automaticaly start.



  • 2014/02/25

- Adding GMG Arena FREE PASS


  • 2014/03/15

- GMG Arena V1.0

- Reset GEOz Credits


  • 2014/02/10

- Correcting the bug causing "ghost players" (GMG Arena)


  • 2014/02/05

- Adding GMG Arena and GEOz credits (Beta version)


  • 2014/02/02

- Game : "Cities of NFL" , Special "Super Bowl 2014" - National Football League


  • 2014/01/20

- Adding Premium status


  • 2014/01/06

- Correcting a bug preventing all pages of comments to be displayed.


  • 2013/12/23

- Game : "Essos and Westeros", Special "Game of thrones"


  • 2013/12/18

- Adding confirmation of registration by email

- Adding Mailbox : possibility to contact other player

- Adding GMG Clubs (v1)

- Correcting login issue in form in head of website


  • 2013/10/11

- Game : "Cities of Africa": Corrections


  • 2013/10/04

- Correcting Login problem in the header's login bloc


  • 2013/10/03

- Adding possibility to follow other players scores.


  • 2013/09/26

- Adding 4 free games for american 9th Grade Curriculum:

  1. "Basic Map Skills"
  2. "World General Geography"
  3. "World Type Of Economy"
  4. "World Population density".

Have Fun !


  • 2013/09/12

- Game : "Cities of Africa": Correcting a bug making Rank not available.

- My Profile : Correcting a bug displaying a technical warning

  • 2013/09/08

- World Cup STEP 1: Adding some countries missing from the list

- World Cup STEP 1: The countries list is now dynamic and update as soon as you answer.


  • 2013/09/04

- World Cup STEP 1: Which Country will participate? Opening a page to indicate which country you are belonging to.


  • 2013/08/27

- Game : "Cities of Africa": Correcting double "Tripoli" in the game


  • 2013/08/19

- Game : "Cities of Africa":"Mutsamudu" had now a country name mentioned in question.

- Game : "Cities of Africa": Correcting placement of Benghazi and Tobrouk in the map.


  • 2013/08/14

- Adding free game: "Cities of Africa". Have Fun !


  • 2013/07/30

- Sometimes a message about newsletter with en error appeared instead of games, it should not happen again.


  • 2013/07/29
  • - Correcting score saving issue on following games : Provinces of China, Regions of Czech Republic and Provinces of Canada.
  • - States of India game had been forgotten in the main menu. The oversight is now corrected.


  • 2013/07/25
  • - Correcting games misplaced in your profile page
  • - Correcting login issue making menu and page content disapearing
  • - Correcting issue concerning sending forgotten password


  • 2013/07/01
  • - Releasing new website version
  • - Adding AVATAR builder fonctionality


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= 2017-11-20T17:04:04+01:00
Geography map games
none of the games are showing up to play
= 2017-10-26T18:22:52+02:00
Geography map games
Suddenly, when I play cities of the world, my score freezes or resets in the middle of the game. Haven't been able to play a full game without scoring problems for a couple of days now.
= 2017-10-12T18:05:04+02:00
Geography map games
I continue to have game access issues. Please advise.
= 2017-09-06T20:29:25+02:00
Geography map games
Can play hardly any games now as the actual game does not show up on most pages
= 2016-05-20T09:00:20+02:00
Geography map games
hi , i am not a admin of more than one club but whe i try to be a cation comes which says i can not be a member of more tham one club(i am not a admin of any club);(
= 2016-02-15T17:53:00+01:00
Geography map games
On the 'Countries of Oceania' Game, many of the country names are in French when playing with English.
= 2014-12-05T13:25:26+01:00
Geography map games
I can't make a new club, and it says 'A Player Cannot Be A admin of 2 clubs'.

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