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Geography Map Games : Educational and playful !

PROD_S043_C017 : Geography Map Games : Educational and playful ! : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun with Geography Map Games!

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Our world is more and more interconnected thanks to progress and to new technologies. They are around us and help us to understand current affairs, conflicts, the history of our country but also the geophysical evolution of Earth.

Haven’t you already asked yourself while watching the tv: “Where is Syria? Palestine? Which are the border countries we hear about everyday?”


What if we played
“less stupid”?

Nowadays videogames like GMG allow us to have fun, to face other players, to beat our own score while educating ourselves and increasing our own general culture without any effort.

We can as well play for hours without wasting our time and telling ourselves that we’ll “go to ben less stupid” tonight! This is a great chance for parents and for children isn’t it?

earth globe

world map

Explore the planet and
travel having fun.

Geography Map Games allow you as well to travel without getting up from your couch. In just a click you’ll be able to: discover countries and cities of the world, their flags, their neighbors and play with people from all over the world.

Enriching each other,
creating a real community.

Today there are more than 450 000 players listed on geography-map-games.com. Geographical knowledge means also to know their neighbors and the farthest populations. Today GMG allows players to share their comments and other functionalities are coming soon and will improve the cultural enrichment that we wish to develop on the site.

Because culture can be learnt as well being in contact with other people, today GMG is a great community of players worldwide that just want to get bigger. 

geography map games community

Invent your own educational path. 

Geography Map Games are an excellent mean to deeply discover the world. You can for example start from the game on the « States of USA », then more precisely continue with  “Counties of California” is you are interested in this State. Then deepen your knowledge by playing our games focused on cities like "Cities of California" or “River of USA”.

geography educational course

Create your own game path , visit and discover the world just playing !

geography map games community



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Geography map games
Hello, i saw u under game in comments section and i think i got solution for your problem :)

if u wanna play FLASH GAMES (like on this page) in 2021, then I recommend this extension for your browser. (WORKS FOR ME) :


If u have other browser, then install - 'Install Chrome Extensions'.


(If u have some questions, ask me, maybe i will help u)

Bye from Slovakia :)
= 2019-03-29T12:07:37+01:00
Geography map games
How do u play?

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