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Become a PREMIUM member

PROD_S043_C017 : Become a PREMIUM member : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun with Geography Map Games!

 And even more ...

What’s the PREMIUM status?


PREMIUM status is a VIP status that allows players to live a better surfing experience on the website, completely advertising free, and to benefit of many advantages.


The Geo Map Games website is a free website that wants to remain free. The PREMIUM status is a privileged status for the members who support us and who love Geo Map Games!

A special attention will be paid to you, you will surf the website without any advertisement, you will be the first beta testers of our new games and you will enjoy many advantages on the website like:


Your PREMIUM advantages

  • End of advertisement!

    You will be free to enjoy our website without being annoyed by any advertisement banner. 
  • Being able to check games’ solutions

    You will be able to check the solution of the games at the end of each match and improve more and more!
  • Exclusives Avatars and elements for your Avatar

    In order to create a really original avatar, you will have access to accessories and Avatars restricted to premium members.
  • Privileged and exclusive access to beta testing of all our new games

    PREMIUM players will have exclusive access to our new games before their release.
  • 50 favorite players instead of 5

    You will be able to follow up to 50 favorite players’ scores instead of 5.
  • Priority treatment of Premium players’ e-mails

    We receive sometimes a huge number of e-mails that we do our best to answer. We think it is normal to pay a special attention to e-mails sent by players who have chosen to support us.
  • Premium distinctive sign

    Your Avatar will be decorated with stars according to your engagement in order to distinguish you as a Premium member. 


Coming soon:

  • 1 PREMIUM tournament every month 

    Every month you will be able to confront each other in a tournament dedicated to PREMIUM members.
  • Access to detailed statistics 

    Check statistics on your matches and your progression.

    And even more ...


The Premium subscription only gives you the advantages listed above. Premium players enjoy the same rights and have the same obligations of other players. These rights and obligations are described in our website regulation



You are a PREMIUM member and you want to let other players enjoy your status? A new functionality allows you now to offer PREMIUM credits to the players of your choice.
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