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I have just completed 12 rounds of the game but not scoring just writing down the place names looking for a pattern.For the last 5 rounds I was pointing and clicking over the sea at what would be Jutland and purposely avoiding land.
Interestingly Whilst going through the last five rounds there were increasingly less of the N.Ireland and north Scotland and even Welsh.
This is something that the random place generator must pick up on?
As for grouping there was a distinct North west England and Home Counties favouring?
I've know idea what it all means but if it helps get back on the leader board all well and good.
I think i'm getting worse actually?
Thanks Weezer, Interesting! I have been trying a similar scheme, mine is to hover over West Midlands and click immediately when any of the surrounding come up Birmingham-West Bromwich-Coldpit Heath-Wolverhampton-Walsall-Stourbridge-Solihull-Dudley.With Cannock-Coventry-Tamworth all very near.

The other method I have used is to click and stay so hoping the next one is near. So far that has been least successful.

One other method is starting from a particular point every time i.e. from South up or North down depending on your Mouse skill and preference.

I only ever do this at work (and geogeusser) and I have a standard screen size.
I would like to know if a larger screen would be a help or hinder?

Finally "Poppy and Tiger" are our beautiful Bengal Cats.

Poppy and Tiger are my Cat's