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Discussions : Greekboy

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thanks Ole ,take care!
i haven't played for months in the site ,i just saw your message.dont worry .Children will soon get it over when better days will come.we stayed at home during the lockdown but due to summer-tourism period
facilities are opened again and unfortunatly covid cases are mounting..
i really worry about the situation in east mediterranean because of the actions of the turkish crazy oldman president ( trying to pass imigrants to europe through bulgaria and greece,threats on france,threats on armenia, threats on cyprus,threats on libya,threats on egypt, threats on greece,threats on european union,threats on christians after s.sofia incident.... and so on..) take care!
hi neoprimitiv! how do u deal with covid-19? keep it strong ,in the end
we ll be the winners. The world was running fast , it was only natural
to take a step back, to dig deeper into where we were going...
for every one of us.. for all of us.
2020 !! happy new year my friends !!! wish u all have good health !!
hi neoprimitiv !! there was a problem with the flash player i think that
couldnt allow me in the other games ,only in these 2 phone games i
could play..gradually im playing in theother games also, eventhough
idont have free time enough cos i play in the french and the historical
versions.glad to find you and the other ex competitors again!
Happy Easter my friends! Jesus is risen!! 2day apr28 we celebrate the Orthodox
Easter ,i know Catholic and Protestant Easter was on apr21,i wish all
the best for you my GMG friends !
OK neoprimtiv ,
allthough its strange 4 a european union citizen -- like us--
to play cities of brasil, i'll givit atry!! I'll make my own carnavall one month
earlier... one way or another i know i'll never go there due to the everlasting economic crisis in my area because of euro currency....
hi neoprimitiv i can only play capitals of usa ,it must has smthing 2 do
with the browser..anyway the site is : jeaux-historiques.com ,you have
to sign in first and then you go to antiquite-cites-de la Grece antique.
there r also games about ww2 or coldwar or middleage history etc
if u wish to play cities of (modern)Greece then u must sign in into:
jeaux-geographiques.com I hope 2 c u there, you and all the good
players.I wish you a happy 2019
my friends Odysseas and neoprimitiv how r u? its been a long time i cannot play the other games.. in english version.. only capitals of usa i can play .. the maps do not open. come and meet me in french , german and history version.. specially in the french version there is anew game
''cities of greece" with huge competition ,also in history site thera r 4 games about greece the newest is "cities of ancient Greece" with high competition... odysseas come and help a bit cos in the french site i cannot even be in the week's best in cities of Greece!!! french players r very fast... i hope maps will open again in english site..
thanks tom79
hey tom79 , im only 7,5 y.o and im just behind you. my dad plays the cities ,i play the countries and other
please can you put ''cities of european union '' like in the french site??!!
its time to come back guys! 103859
ok 104365.
bravo mtcaldwel u make me run... thats good. where r all the strong players??? lets brake the 104000 4 a while..playing in my court as a
mediterranean guy.
104337 6th of all times. I salut you all from hot-summertime Greece.Happy summer , carefull dives in the sea. jul.28th
welldone matt66
new personal best 191853
Greekboy takes the lead 191205
jun 11. Two Greeks on the lead of the score odysseas 192363 ,
Greekboy 189770 and rerhaps me8odios ( 5th) 188020 is also greek?
hey panda56 long time to seeing you. neighbours in countries Italy-Greece , neighbours in score 99986-99996 ! i havent played that much
in gmg recently cos i play also in other geo- sites. i wish you all the best.
Happy Easter to everybody! Jesus Christ is risen! Let us fill our heart
with peace and love for each other.Jesus Christ has won the death
and brings us (through the holy mystics of his church) ,the forgiveness
of our sins --if regret and confess-- ,and eternal life.
This year Orthodox,Catholic,Protestant churches have common
Easter. God bless you all.
double ceebration 2day march 25 , for Greece. 1) Evangelismus day and 2) national day (begining the revolution in 1821 against the ottomans) so i salut it with a 188519 in world and a 103507 in mediterranean

bravo Odysseas 105064 u r 1st or 2nd in the world after elcommedante
when i did my 104099 i was 7th of all times . Mediterraneo is our home
its natural to see 2 greeks among the top-10 ever. Its amazing how did u do this 105064? BRAVOOOOO!

yes , JayHBrickwood you have right in everything you say. And u r only 12 y.o ??!! bravo , welldone.If you confess Him, in front of people He will confess you
in the king of Heaven. But try not to do it only by words but all your life
to be continuesly a kind of confession. Jesus Christ and
his Mother
ve been unbelievebly good to me through all my life..

i thank Them everyday every minute...

bravo odysseas you are a fantastic player
yes panda56 you have right... you know i was kiding .. just to shake the waters a bit , to waken up the competition like in the french site. anyone who passes ,lets say, the 102000|#plus#| is a strong player .i wish good competition to everyone
103407 i overpassed you all bluesteel and moorea.meditterranean belongs to greece
Hi, neoprimitive i just saw your message. thanks i find u always among te best specially in us cities. i also play in the french where players are tougher. my pen function came again as suddenly as it was lost.. so day in day out i perform better. i suspect that some functions are blocked for a while , periodicly for all good players so the newcomers can see themselves on the podium.. fair enough. if it is so please GMG inform us not to be worried . thank you ,i wish good competion to everybody
sorry guys my pen function on the screen doesnt work anymore ,so i cannot give u higher scores like i used to... such as 100|#plus#| in eur or 104 in mediterranean ,190|#plus#| in world..so i play with with the mouse in lower scores..... love u all

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