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All the comments on our games

PROD_S043_C017 : All the comments on our games : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun with Geography Map Games!

Discussions : Arwen !

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Thanks Bluesteel !
Very nice !
I'm happy to be on the team including myself!
Good luck to Leeranerjung and Kyzolive!
Good Luck to all !
Thanks Claudi and Panda !
Very nice !
I hoppe play again !
J'espère dépasser les 137 000 !
Je ne suis pas loin !

Congratulations Cathou !
Great score !
Panda thank you !
Indian costume is really cool !
And I love this game !
It's one of my favorites !
Good luck, you can pass me !
Merci !
C'est trop gentil !
Chryss est vraiment très forte !
Bravo à elle !

She is the best !
But... I can again play !
Good Luck !
Thanks Claudi and Panda !
This tournament is very fun !
Tomorrow, I would play !
Ce tournoi m'a l'air passionnant :
Je passe à l'attaque demain^^
Good Luck Challengers !

And good luck to Albi !
I am proud to play against you.
Yes I do !
Our competition is really great !
Because it's fun !
Good luck, I have not finished playing !
Congratulations Panda !
Bravo !!!
Panda thank you !
And sorry.
I passed you in China.
Courage and good luck !
Thank you and long live Italy !
You have wonderful scores on this tournament.
You can be the first widely tomorrow.

I'm having trouble with Algeria.
But I'll play anyway !
I will not give up !!!
I found Poland very complicated.
Then Algeria ...
I care !

Grazie !
You can overtake me (in California), is not it ?
Good Luck !
Yes, I am really surprised !
This game seemed very complicated.
It is very simple, finally !
;-) Thanks !

This afternoon, the management ... Algeria !
This game is complicated, is not it ?
Thanks you, Grumer !
Congratulations !
Bravo !!!
Quel score magnifique !
Well done !
Grazie Panda !
I'm happy because of 3 games, I exceeded my record !
Now ... the cities of Algeria and China are complicated.
Hello Panda !
Thank you, I will try to exceed 210 000.
I do not think you beat this game.
And this afternoon, I play Chinese cities.
And you'll be well ahead of me in China !
Well done !
Congratulations Panda and Szergejke !
Le Duel est lancé !!
Go Venise !
Allez mes amis !!!
Vas-y Chryss !
Oasis est très fort, mais... tu es Chryss !

Good Luck my Friends !
Thanks Snowwhite !
Je n'ai pas assez de temps pour m'améliorer.
(cette fois-ci, c'est pas pour la compétition !)
Hello everyone!

Well, sorry!
I would have wanted to play and access the 8th finals if I had not, at this time, a little tired of playing games and geography.
And to the competition.
I leave half-regret, and relief that my place at Oasis plays very well!
I hope he continues to recover as long as possible in the party!

Sorry again and good luck!
Panda !
Thanks great friend !
You are very fair-play and a big gentleman !
Szergejke has right !
Hello Szergejke !
Comme promis, je joue !!
I will not tire me to overtake, I could not do it!
it tires me after a while, because you play!
I also have the honor to play with you!
It is a pleasure!
I would go on cities in the United Kingdom later, because, I am committed to two club tournaments.
Sorry, but it will come, do not worry!
@ Panda !
I can not seem to overcome you!
While I'm not far, and more!
Chouette !
@ Snowwhite !
Si j'ai bien compris le premier paragraphe, il faut simplement s'inscrire sur tous les sites, dont le site portugais.
C'est ça ?

Sinon, je suis d'accord pour que tous les joueurs sur les villes du Canada continuent tous sur un prochain jeu, par paires, comme d'habitude.
Tu m'as piqué la première place sur le site français !
C'est pô juste !!
Bravo !!
Et voilà !
Szergejke and Panda beyond me!
You will force me to exceed 96,000!
It is absolutely impossible for me!
You are really great champions!
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