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All the comments on our games

PROD_S043_C017 : All the comments on our games : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun with Geography Map Games!

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woah chryss, amazing score, I will try, but I do not think I can get even close!
happy holidays leeraner :)
@ panda haha pink floyd...I will try your trick!
well done yassine - we are tied close together, let's see if we can reach panda!
I feel your pain bluesteel, it is tough, very impressive that some challengers are almost at 50,000...just keep trying :)
wow panda you are VERY good at this game...well done! I will try and do better later, I have changed my colours to match a little of the yellow :)
some great scores out there, I think this is the best I can do for now, just have to wait until tomorrow to find out who is my cavalier...good luck folks!
This idea sounds fun! Looking forward to see who will be my cavalier :)
Good luck all!
woah some crazy good score on this game...
amazing work challengers!!!
now this is impressive
inspiring to see some 100k up there!
not sure why, but fixed yay!
for some reason my scores almost never show up on this game, not sure why?
any suggestions?
haha, I love that everyone is embracing the feathers for our challenge, native american history is very cool. :)
hey challengers! lets begin the first ortt!
excited for this new challenge...
though I have to say USA not my fav, prefer europe really, perhaps cos I have travelled there more..
anyway good luck all!
blue steel - Mt Isa is difficult! It is a mining town in the middle of the Queensland outback :)
Hey guys! so pleased to see some amazing scores! well done sebik, it is tricky to get past 100k in this map.
I find it good to hover over melbourne, then once a few of the victorian ones are out, go up to queensland around the gold coast!
hope you guys get the chance to visit one day!
there are actually many cities I have not been too I would like to visit, but Australia is a big country, and as you see most of our cities are around the coast - mostly east coast.
now to see if I can improve my score!
I go camping tomorrow so will miss the end of the tournament, but good luck people...btw I live closest to Toowoomba right now (but 2hours drive West)
well challengers, i think with the voting we should be playing this soon, so getting in a little early to make sure I set the challenge on my home ground!

good luck people, welcome to australia :)
I see the men continue to improve, but also the women!...I cannot see how you get 113 sebik, but you do have home advantage! Which of these cities do you most recommend visiting. I have only been to the central southern part, I have visited Zakopane, Katowice, Krakow etc. I really enjoyed it and wished we had a longer stay :)
yeah, finally broke 100k, cmon ladies lets do this :)
wow, the men are like superheros on this map..
come on ladies, lets fight...i wish i had spent more time in Poland now ;)
Looking lovely ladies :) Let the scoreboard do the talking, good luck, this looks tricky!
some interesting place names on this map, but many lakes not near lakes! great scores challengers :)
hmm...never played this map before....lets see what is like....helllo people
this score was just when I came back to play later, I already got over 150000 earlier than 12pm....just can't remember the exact score :)
when are the scores being picked up? not sure whether to try again...good work challengers :)
nice score and avatar kakabusa, I will have to try have to learn these cities too beat you! good luck challengers :)
ok, now i can go to sleep, I feel like I have to do well on this map to represent Australia, enjoy my country people, I must say this is not an easy map as there are not a lot of rivers to go by, and the states and territories are very big....
C'mon Challenges!
Oh Snow White, thanks for the support! I think Australia played very well against Chile, could have scored more goals, oh well! Hopefully Netherlands are not as good as they were against Spain this morning, that was impressive football...good luck to everyone's football teams in the coming weeks :)
Oh dear Max we meet again :) You have beaten me every time, and I fear losing on my home territory will be a bit humbling, nonetheless, look forward to the challenge. All the best! Aussie Aussie Aussie !! Oi Oi Oi!! (this is just a cheer we do, you may have heard this before?)
Map 1. Here I come...good luck challengers :)
ok, this is now my best, well done to everyone!
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