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All the comments on our games

PROD_S043_C017 : All the comments on our games : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun with Geography Map Games!

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Tack så mycket / Thank you very much Leeraner :)
Thanks Bluesteel... But it´s possible. You also have great score.
Hey Jostein.. Im no really expert on this map as Im only number 34 all over ;) And I dont know how you play the map ? But this is how I play--- First of all I use a quite small map.. Some people play "full screen" for exemple. I also know what country that is left in the end "most of the times". So I can hit that country really fast. And I have a position in the beginning of the game where I stay until that country shows on the screen.. On this map it´s Montenegro and Kosovo. There is also many other small countries that is close like Bosnia / Albania / Serbia etc that I can reach fast meanwhile.
Thanks Leeraner :)
Hey Snowwhite .. Thanks :) A difficult map.
Hey Panda.. Great score also for you.
It is not easy playing this map again.
Great score Leer :)
Thank you Panda :)
Good score catonette. It will be hard to reach your score ...Good work :)
Good score catonette. It will be hard to reach your score ...Good work :)
Damn--- I hate deserts and borders going through them.... I gonna have to spend some time here Kyz to have a chance to win this one. Mali and Niger---- Yes I remember the problems that I had earlier here ;) haha
haha... Thanks Moorea :) I wish you the same in the bronze duel.
Thanks Moorea.
It was not easy to pass your high score in Belgium.
Thank you so much Panda :)

Good luck to you Kyz.
I saw that we are at the same level when it comes to our highscore in this one.
You are around 60 points better than me.
It wont be easy to win this final !!! I like the challange.
I start playing tomorrow morning.

Good luck to both Kopec and Moorea also in the bronze dual.
Ma67 >>> Thanks for the match and the "good luck" Ma67 !
I dont know who I will play against in the next round.
Félicitations Kyz. Point impressionnant.
Hello Challengers.
Good luck to all of you. I for sure gonna need some luck on this map ;)
Good luck to my opponent Ma 67 !
Good luck everyone.
And specially to my opponent Oasis.
You did a great work anyway Moorea. Congratulations.
Ahh, Thats so close Moorea. I hope you make it over 100 !
Thats true :)
Thanks Moorea and Panda :)
Puuh... It took a while !!!
Congratulations...Great score Panda.
Thanks Panda:)
But I dont know. Its been tough for me this time.
I want a small map. But I cant hit the targets.
It´s so annoying when you know where the cities are but you can not hit them.
Bravo szergejke :)
Great scores from chrysss, Moorea and Saskia too.
Thank you Panda and LeeranerJung.
Yes agree...Some of the cities in Scotland is one issue.
And Wolverton was hard for me too.
Ok... This is a tough one in the normal game.
Theres many cities that I still cant get a grip of.

Anyway... I quit the game here as I wont have any time to play tomorrow at all.
Good luck to all of you.
Good evening challengers..Great scores in the top.
Thats a great score ma 67 :)
Thank you Bluesteel.
Well I know that your capacity is very high in most of the maps.
So it wouldnt surprice me at all if you are over 101 k before the deadline of this qualifier.
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