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All the comments on our games

PROD_S043_C017 : All the comments on our games : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun with Geography Map Games!

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Well, this game doesnt work at all on my PC :(
okay, no time left for competing anymore- but is was fun :))
How does the "time-bonus" work on these maps? 1 sec 1000 points perhaps? Any ideas someone?? :)
Okay, I can't get any better on this map, so congrats to you, Moorea !!!
my average distance is still okay, but my speed, no, no, no - too tired :( CU all tomorrow, good night !
well done, moorea, i am back now (was watching a game of handball), okay, i will try again :)
Done !!! lol 106|#plus#| should be possible ....
439 points in first try it can only get better, lol
Very well done, Silesia :)) Btw: What's your real name? Mine is Wilfried ... C U
Hi Silesia78, my best score here is 112365, try to reach it somehow in the next few days :) CU my friend :)
Russia is by far the biggest country on Earth and I think there should be a game with Russian cities by now, thank you
Okay, the (my) topscore on this map is 109702 points, achieved almost 2 years ago. If I remember correctly I had 3 kms off in 1,8 sec. You need a lot of luck on this one. To me, the most difficult were (are) the different "palms" (harbour, bay etc) spread along the coastline - I think I never really got them all :)
Best wishes and good luck to all of you :))
Thank you, Grumer :) Well, just revisited the map - had forgotten most cities, but learned them again in a few hours :)) - I think a good score is only possible when you get a lot of cities from the Toronto - Montreal region - to jump from East to West and vice versa takes too much time.... Have a nice evening :) Good luck at playing maps and see you :))
Congratulations, Grumer .... The record is 112592 :)) Come on, you make it, I need a new challenge :)) See You...
If you think, you know them all, you are wrong :) Good luck to you all...
Well, 3 hours of playing and 74362 points :(( I am tired of those Chinese names - But good luck to all others :))
Well, once again, what happened to the scoring??? Hm, if there is a new system of counting, you should delete all results of the old system - otherwise it would be quite senseless to play... Thank you
Dear Admin :) I am missing a lot of points here today - cant even come close to my highscore :( New point system?( And its the same on all other city-maps) Is this just of temporary nature? Or is it a defect somewere?

Well Mouska, you have to wait for new highscore on Indonesian map as it seems :)
Hi Mouska, glad that we meet again :) well, tomorrow is another day :) But I had had a much higher score - but chose the wrong "Depok" :( Thats not good on this map .... Bon chance et a bientot
Hello Admin, this really is a nice map. But unfortunately there are 2 cities called "Depok" :( Thats a lottery and should somehow be adjusted :)
Hi Mouska, still wait for your "answer" on Florida map :) And for someone who knows only the big cities of Texas, you learned quite fast :) Have a nice weekend, see you....
Hi dear Mouska, I cant await to compete with you on the Texas map cos its my favourite one - THAT should be a real challenge for you :)) I improved my score there another time and maybe will again tomorrow - just to make it harder for you, haha, C U :)
Great performance, Mouska :) Hm, why dont they have an alltime highscore here ?
Thank you, Mouska :) But in contrast to this map, the city maps of USA seem to be very easy for me - because of the familiar names I guess - good luck to you further on - see you
Mouska, stop it ! :)))
Miisa aka Laura, you are the best!!!
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