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All the comments on our games

PROD_S043_C017 : All the comments on our games : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun with Geography Map Games!

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Got to go now and see you later, dear challengers :)
well done, Arwen !
I am sorry, Arwen and Kyzolive, but i am not very enthusiastic about this (kind of) game. The level of concentration must be extremely high and when i play longer on this i always get an ugly kind of headache and i have to stop then :(
Great score, toto.40 !!!! :) yes, i am No. 1 on Texas map (and Florida)
@toto.40 - Hello, just found your question on California cities: the number one score there is 111619 by "szergejke" :)
@EdMar: Finally an opponent on this map :) good luck for the 108|#plus#| !
This is definitely not my kind of game, lol
okay, 113|#plus#| and now i will make a trip into the desert :)
.... and all the other challengers too ...
Hello snowwhite, well, I can do much better here - it's one of my favourites :))) Good choice for me :) but of the other 4 maps i have not the slightest idea :( ... Wish you good luck in this challenge !!!
okay, that's it for now, going to watch the final now ...Go Germany go ! :)) ( @bluesteel: the website obviously is not capable of using Polish letters anymore therefore those are missing and the result is quite strange city names, my best from 3 years ago here is 110|#plus#| and i hope i can reach it again)
same phenomenon here as on the Swiss map: 2 new cities after 4 hours of playing, crazy
Great score, snowwhite !!!
why are here so many letters missing? It's really confusing and not real fun to play here. When i played here 3 years ago, everything was fine, so what happened?
Hi Saskia, this is my favourite map :) Are you still playing on Geosense?
Hi Panda, that's a very good score of yours - well, my best score is almost 3 years old and since then I often tried to get anyway near to it, but the 109|#plus#| I have never reached again. But the "Swiss map" has given me some courage and confidence that with, quote "perseverence" :), you might get scores you never dreamed of :))

Good morning Veniz :) It is your turn now - I can't play any more, got to work all day ... Good luck !!!
Yeeees, Grumer ! Great score :)
1200 points in just one attempt, that's even better than 1400 in half an hour, lol .... But great performance, Veniz, you make me quite nervous :))
110|#plus#|, now I can go to sleep :) Good night !
well done, Veniz :) good luck to you
Grumer, i have no chance against you concerning those 4 maps out of 5 - the only thing for me to do is to come close to my best on the polish map (112|#plus#|) On the other 3 i am a hopeless case, lol - have to learn all French rivers, still the most Italian provinces and the fifth map is simply too fast for me (though I think it doesnt really work so well on my PC) Have a good night !
Good morning Grumer and the other Challengers ! Well, for a huge score on this map I need a lot of cities of the Dallas and Houston regions, that is, without any rivers. Rivers can be fine but not on this map, they confuse me still, have to search for the right one (to hit Round Rock, Kyle etc) what takes too much time. The cities on the border (Del Rio) still make me crazy :) and to jump from far east to far west isnt good either :) Have fun everybody and good luck
that's right Grumer and I think you can make it (at my record I had 56600 after 10, so a 113|#plus#| might be possible) Good luck !
Thank you, but still more than 1000 points below my best, I will try to get there :)
Where are my orange teammates??? Wake up !! :)))
Thanks Panda :) After scoring at least 20 times between 110700 and 111000 (but always missing one) the pressure is gone now and maybe i can make an even bigger score :) Let's see
Finally :)))
Great score, my Swedish friend :)
Hello to everyone from Germany - wish you all good luck on this nice map
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