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All the comments on our games

PROD_S043_C017 : All the comments on our games : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun with Geography Map Games!

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Excellent score Grumer ! I am really happy if I make the 100k on this one ...
Bought me a new mouse an hour ago - this is the result :))
Hi Panda, great score :) I don't know how I was able to make a 111k on this map when we last played here - all the cities in the Los Angeles - Yucaipa region won't simply get in my head ... But I wll make a last try today, cheers
Great score bluesteel !! You must be No 3 on this map now ...
well done Panda !
How I managed to make a score here of 108828 some 4 years ago, is quite a miracle to me .. Well, a 108k should be possible though ... But you need to be really fast on this one ...
@panda: I wonder where our friend Grumer is lately. Maybe I should go to his facebook site and tell him about this competition?
Somehow I lost the feeling for this map over night, as it seems, stucking around a low 113k at the moment. Well, a hundred points more or less doesnt matter, so come on Marsalem and FloFlo, you are doing great and you can make the 100k for sure ...
@Edmar: Sorry, I gave you wrong information yesterday, you aren't in the blue group but in the yellow one ...
@panda: Thanks. Well, 113k has become quite easy for me now but for a higher score than my best I am still not precise enough. The best score is obviously that one of that "Bulle". 115k. Well, I can't do that, at least not with my poor equipment (slow internet connection and very old PC :)) ) But the 114k should be possible for me, let's see ...
First round below 2 sec (1,98), but still 15 kms off - so there might be some space for a better score .... Come on Blues !
This is one of my better maps, so thanks for the choice :) Come on Blues ...
@caramelo: Don't give up, when I first played this a year ago I hardly made more than 35 000 - then I played very slowly and wrote down all the capitals I didnt know ... That helped. Good luck to you :))
Great score, snowwhite
congrats Panda :) How long do we play this?
From zero points to rank 21 overall in 90 minutes .. nonsense map but quite easy to learn :) now let's make a trip into the desert ...
That's it for me here today - have a good night everybody, CU tomorrow ...
said and done, lol
you need a bit of luck on this, that's for sure ... I made my highest score more than 2 hours ago with, I must admit, rather easy cities :) since then i tried very hard to come anywhere near to it. No chance if, as Bluesteel indicated, you come across a city you haven't seen for a long time .... But I won't give up, haha
Szergejke was just joking, haha - amazing score !
Hello friends ! Usually i like cities on the coast on a map but not on this one - the upper right coast with all these bays confuses me every time i play this map. And yes, after 3 hours of playing still new cities, it's amazing ...
wow, 2 points difference, what a thriller :) @chryss : awesome score, I will work on that ...
Nicht aufgeben, Albi, du schaffst das !!!
this is a good opportunity to finally achieve the 113k :) good luck to the semi-finalists !
As usual these kind of games don't work so well on my PC - have too often to click twice :( congrats for the win Burak, I can't get any higher ...
@burak : good luck to you! I have never played this map before, so let's see. May the best of us win ...
accidentally I am playing here since 4 days, so do not wonder about the good score :)) in my mind this is one of the easiest maps of geography-map.games.com, cause there is only small number of cities ......
Impressive score, Panda !!! With only the European cities on this map I could make an incredible score, but the African ones always slow me down too much. I will spare the 104k for next time. So have a nice weekend everyone !
Great scores, guys !!! I decided to leave the 96k for next time, lol, but with the 'right cities' I think I can do it ...
Thank you, I'm gonna try ...
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