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PROD_S043_C017 : All the comments on our games : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun with Geography Map Games!

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Don't you just hate Mount Isa? :)
Congratulations Sebik for breaking the 100 000 barrier!
Well done Sebik!
@Panda - Yes I suspect over 99 000 should be reachable. I have had one or two |#plus#|5000's, so in theory 100 000 might be possible...
@ SebiK yes! Fantastic! 113 000|#plus#| Come on you can get to 114 000|#plus#| now :)
@ Sebik Well Done! But I guess you ought to do well on this map as you are from Poland. I seem to be stuck on just over 112 000 now and can get no further.
@Panda Congratulations to you too! You're nearly at my score now and think you'll pass me soon. I'm sure I got above 112 000 by sheer luck rather than skill :)
@Panda Well done! Your score is improving rapidly, you'll soon overtake me...

@Sebik Player inusia has got 114 096 just over 114 000. But how they did it I don't know, I'll never get that far!
@Panda Thanks! I'm trying for 112,000|#plus#| but although I can now do the locations my speed of reaction just isn't fast enough.
Grrrrrr! No matter how much I play I always get mixed up between Lubin and Lublin, and it often ruins what would have been a better score!
Thanks Snowwhite. I've done better on this map before. But now most of the names seem to have changed, it's like beginning all over again!
@Caramelo No worries, you've done well. It's a hard map when you get above 100k. I seem to be stuck now at just a shade over 110k...
@Caramelo Yes, finally a red background. There wasn't a red background option on the backgrounds listing. So I had to press the 'Random' button many times until I found an Avatar with a red background then edit it back to mine again :-)
Another new target for you Marietyrol :-)

Yes, I do prefer the Brazil game on the Portuguese site.
I played again Marietyrol. But it's so small and dark it's very hard to see anything :-)
@panda56 Yes, very strange. You have two different scores on the same score board which shouldn't be able to happen. Something definitely wrong there...
Well done Caramelo! You're coming up the rankings fast. Come on the Reds! :-)
I haven't done this map for a long time and I'm finding it tough. So close but so far from 100k...
Yes, Augusta isn't the Capital of Georgia. Unless of course you are a Golf fanatic :)
Well that's interesting, it's now giving double the points from yesterday.
This game is in dire need of a 'Full Screen' button....
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