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Geography for US High School: 9th Grade

PROD_S043_C017 : Geography for US High School: 9th Grade : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun with Geography Map Games!


Geography highschool USA

Memorizing for better performance : Analysis works better if one
has basic information memorized with which to support it.

Geography memorizing

During their education students need to develop understanding and analysis of datas to better understand international conflicts, political and economic situation of the countries around them, other cultures, environmental issues and anything related life on our planet. All this skills help for creativity and discussion.


Geography Map Games provides games that help make memorizing either less painful and more useful-looking.


These funny games boost memory while offering students a solid knowledge base facilitating memorization. This base is essential to the analysis and understanding of the world around us and also need to be trained and maintained.


Knowledge is the core ingredient of creativity.

INTRODUCTION TO GEOGRAPHY - High School 9th grade:

Students have to identify and use the map properties and interpret data on a given map. These first games are about the World
and help students to construct geospatial representations to display thematic topics, such as population density or Types of economy.  

geography progression geography basic map skills
world general geography
geography progression
world types of economy world population density


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Geography map games
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Geography map games
wait what
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Geography map games
good for you
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Geography map games
its just you
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Geography map games
Is it just me or does the red sea look like a slug
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Geography map games
My older sister is 14!!
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Geography map games
Who is 14
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Geography map games
i am in england so..... yeah!!!
and in year 7
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Geography map games
it isn't so easy for someone that english isn't his mother tongue!!
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Geography map games
Jgifford HI
= 2015-08-13T01:30:53+02:00
Geography map games
This is easy and I'm only in the 7th grade!
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Geography map games
haha im in the first grade
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Geography map games
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Geography map games
Yeah, I'm only in 7th grade and I'm really good at this stuff.
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Geography map games
Hi. I'm a 4th grader, but my brother is in 7th
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Geography map games
Really!? Cool!!!!
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Geography map games
Not even me:)
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Geography map games
Wow!! I'm not even in 9th grade!!!
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Geography map games
Wow cool

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