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PROD_S043_C017 : All the comments on our games : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun with Geography Map Games!

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SonoT15 - you're from California right?
NickPic - you're improving quickly. I still think there is room for improvement above 100k, but now that I have it, I'll leave it at that. If you can beat this score, you deserve it.
I feel 100k is within reach.
Note that about 2/3 of New Zealand's population is North Island.

If you just guess north island initially it should get your scores up. I've played several times now, and have learnt which cities are south island - but it's still a new map to me.

Note that about 2/3 of New Zealand's population is North Island.

If you just guess north island initially it should get your scores up. I've played several times now, and have learnt which cities are south island - but it's still a new map to me.


I believe you. I just found that improving on my score is taking longer and longer. Not worth the effort. If you're really quick, you can get 5050|#plus#| points on a city - I'm sure you didn't hack it.

Having said that - 99k is super. Well done.
Canberra is in the VERY small "province" of its own in the south east. It has a small border around it.
I just scored 33298 by literally just clicking on Canberra immediately.
At first you can pretty OK scores by just clicking around Canberra.

Then learn as you go along the couple of cities that are located near Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and then the west coast couple near Perth. Darwin and Palmerstone are the only two in the far North... You'll refine your pins as you go along.
Last day...
My 2nd 190k|#plus#| score...

I think I would need an HD or better screen to go much higher than what I have currently. Some cities I can't get more accurate than about 30km's.

I'm currently on a 1280x1024 resolution
Not sure how much more accurate I can go... I don't find this a lot of fun. I can't even pronounce half the names. Maybe I'll just stick with my 63k

Here is the video - but it's large and of low quality. I need to play around with converters or something.
I've never done that before (recorded screen or put anything on Youtube).

I tried using Camstudio. It's a pretty bad video. I'll try and record a better one. Also it seems to influence the responsiveness of the mouse.
Also - I hover on Rome between cities - to ensure that if Rome/Vatican City hits, I can score a 6700|#plus#|
Just improved on my best score twice. So I'm coming for you 190k...

I play on 150% zoom now, which allows me to see the whole map in as much detail as possible (better than fullscreen).

I believe the time spent playing on 250% helped me narrowing down the pin placements.
I wonder why this game falls under "africa" and not Asia
Still playing on 250% zoom, but scrolling with the keyboard.

I have created an autohotkey script that scrolls up, down, left and right. So I can get accuracy - scrolling still takes up time.

I now think that my main hurdles to achieving 190|#plus#| are:
* not always pinning correctly (because I don't necessarily know the exact position)
*I'm still getting used to the scrolling.
I sent a message through "contact us" - does that qualify?
Malawi flag is incorrect - the old flag was adopted again in 2012

I've started playing on 250% zoom to get my accuracy up, but it takes longer - learning the exact positions where the needle must go for each city.

I'm trying to get the scrolling up to an art.
Ok, so while I don't have an exact formula - I can tell you that accuracy is more important than time.

It seems like your time component in the score is limited to the theoretical maximum of your distance score. Presumably one would get exactly double your distance score if you got it immediately and the time factor runs down from 100% to 0% in say 10 seconds. You can get close to 100% on distance, but probably not much more than about 80% on time (2 seconds)
Getting 195k is amazing.

I rarely get 6500 on any city - to average that is super.

Well done Bogesz83, ElCommandante and Gimez who does this regularly.
Is anyone else having trouble with the dragonstone button.

I sometimes can't click it.