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PROD_S043_C017 : All the comments on our games : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun with Geography Map Games!

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74061, 1st of the month , and 5th best score of all times, but where's the ranking???
Thank you, Admin! We gonna have to beat our personal scores, now!
54906, my best score, and it is not available, that's killing me!!!
Each time i beat my record, the game fails...
Each time i'm under it, it does'nt fail !!!
Is it forbidden to beat his own record, or what???
What's the matter with this game??? I made 2 new personal best scores, and you don't valid them !!! It's urgent to resolve this problem, please...
Coucou Antoinette, j'aime bien ton avatar!
yeess 74029pts, beyond the 74k; i'm so happy
the ranking is quite approximative...i'm number one but it's not true even if i would like to...szergejke is better than me, and alper too, of course... i hope that admins will rectifie this little technical anomaly very soon...thanks!
@ szergejke: welcome to the french site! what do you think about the french level?
184585 and 15th , it's a real good jump !!!
183658 and 23d rank, that's better
183298, 51pts more and one place won, i'm 25th...
80220, it's better!
80004, and now 80005, what a giant's step !!!
56059 it's better for my second duel, and it was preferable because hamburgo played better for our second duel ( 47373). Anyway, i'm happy for my score!
54478pts for cities of the world, for my first duel in the arena, it's quite good, and anyway good enough to win versus hamburgo who had a score of 33060. It was close at the beginning, but he failed on some cities, which permitted to win quite easily , in fact...For the next duel, it will be harder perhaps...
157179 yeess 1st of the day, the week and the month!!!
szergejke is really hard to beat, even if alper didn't play yet to this game. On the french site, he's the best player with a score higher than 162000pts !!! And i am only 40th with 156800pts !!!
156303 yeeaahh i beat my best score !!! it seems that i'm 2d of this game, it's very good !!!
arrgghh 156159 so close to my pb !!!
Coucou Antoinette, moi aussi, j'ai bien progressé (après notre tournoi) sur ce jeu. je suis passé de 97600 à 99300 en quelques parties, et bien sur, j'ai gagné pas mal de places! Y a pas à dire, les tournois sont bénéfiques pour améliorer nos records à chaud !!!
Well, 3d of the game, it's quite perfect !!!
156175 yeess i'm 1st of the day, the week and the month!!!...and the game? i'll see that tomorrow
155904 and 3d of the month, but 4th of the game...anyway, 4th is a good rank!
161777 my best score!!! I knew that i would be able to beat it, now there are only seven players to beat...
174773PTS and 41th rank, my best one !!!
155247 waouw and so close from szergejke for the top of the month and just 5 players beyond my score, it's a great honor !!!
154750pts and 9th of the game, it's amazing !!! ( ça fait un peu trop west coast , mon accent, faut que j'me calme, là ! )
Well...So, what about step 2 ?? I gonna get to loose patience !
92588, 8 points more...from 8 to 8 , i'm gonna get to access to the final top
159683 , 1300pts better and only 3 ranks won...it's so hard on the top ! rank 16 on 1749 players , well it's a good stuff anyway.
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