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All the comments on our games

PROD_S043_C017 : All the comments on our games : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun with Geography Map Games!

Discussions : Geography: Cities of California

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Panda, mon ami
Merci, j'essai de te rejoindre. C'est difficile , mais je suis contente de jouer.
@ Mabulle
Tu es une grande joueuse !!!....bravo !!!!!!!!!!!!
Ici t´ as le choix 4 000 pts ou 0 pt.. ou L A. ou S. F. !!!
Un top à plus de 109k, j'en suis loin, idem pour les autres régions des States...
Dur de tout remettre en ordre, comme les neurones...
Bon courage à tous..
@Challengers: this is one of the 5 maps we play for the CAW until Saturday 14th 20h00 (GMT|#plus#|1). Enjoy!
Beans44, I keep trying to beat you on Cities of California, but I think I'm whipped—you're just too good!
Boy "behlestreet" I had a real tough time getting a better score than your SUPER "110016". It took me two days. You know your California Geo my friend.
That's a first for me to get one score and all three places, Month , Week and Day.
ppaul saying hello to all my geo friends!
I dont speak english wery well but i would like the points of the number one in California...
Dear Challengers!

Thank you for the participation to everybody! Great scores, good feeling, I enjoyed this WWTC. Thank you!
@Caramelo No worries, you've done well. It's a hard map when you get above 100k. I seem to be stuck now at just a shade over 110k...
@ bluesteel: I try to make better, but I cannot ... Gimes und you are the bests ....I 'm sorry !!!
@Caramelo Yes, finally a red background. There wasn't a red background option on the backgrounds listing. So I had to press the 'Random' button many times until I found an Avatar with a red background then edit it back to mine again :-)
Congratulations Veniz and Klettersteig ! What an improvement !
Congratulations aswell to all Green Team ! Great job !
I am very proud of all of you
ok, this is now my best, well done to everyone!
yeah, it is much better than earlier today! I will try 3 more times, then back to work...great job veniz. and go green!
I'm afraid I'll have to leave as well. At least we tried.
well done veniz :) lets try get past 100,000 (though really I have to get back to lesson preparation and assignment marking!)
@Really great scores of every one on that map!
The end of the WWTC is at 14h00 (GMT|#plus#|2) today.
Still 2 hours to improve! Come on!
Klettersteig, great! Here I am, improved a little my score again. It ends this evening I think.
Yay I nearly reached 100000! come on Veniz, let try to catch our team mates! When does this WWTC end?
@bluesteel: it is great to you to have choosen a red color !
excellent work challengers...I come to try improve my score, i find this map hard :) go green, sorry I let the team down...
Panda !
Thanks great friend !
You are very fair-play and a big gentleman !
Szergejke has right !
great score !! i am very despleasured for your team !!!
Where are my orange teammates??? Wake up !! :)))
szergejke thanks
Perseverance to the end ;)
This map don't like me ! Lol
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