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PROD_S043_C017 : All the comments on our games : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun with Geography Map Games!

Discussions : Geography: Cities of New Zealand

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Je suis vert je me suis loupé sur les deux dernières villes sur le junior sinon j'aurais pu atteindre les 102,5-103 k !
Ah!Ah! Szergejke, Morrea, Kyzolive: I can see Bluesteel chasing you!!!
Hello ma67x, welcome back!
Il y en a aussi quelques unes qui me plantent, lorsque l'on tombe sur la bonne série, on fait un joli score !
pour moi le probleme est que je ne connai pas tres bien la carte il y a toujours une ville qui me plante :)))))
Merci moorea, je pense qu'il est possible de faire les 5150-5200 moyenne, j'ai la vitesse mais pas encore la bonne précision !
:))))))) bravo kysolive ça m a bien fait sourire
bravo a szergejke
i was sure you were going to beat my score nice shot !!!!
Hello, désolé moorea, pour1 petit point !
Hi Cyrilraj! nice to see you there! Already awake or not still in bed?
@jean cyrille: the finals will not be on that map!!! Bravo pour ton score!
Bon, je suis OK... j'ai ralenti l'allure sur la fin.. car si les finales sont sur le même jeu..., j'en garde un peu.. Un top à presque 102... Je pourrais taquiner les meilleurs.... Si je suis dispo!!!??
Sinon, bonne bourre à tous.
@Challengers: as we are now 28 players on the Challenge, I propose for the next round tomorrow to start with the 16/finals. (and not the 8/finals).
Hope it is OK for everyone.
Yeah! Saturday Night Fever on the Podium!
Get relaxed ! Keep some strengh for tomorrow!!!
Well done!
Klettersteig: thanks

Have you noticed, there are ONLY challengers on the whole right column?
Full board of Challengers scores of the day!
Probably the 1st time ever!
@Albi: Hello! Ich bin frohe dass ich sehe dich hier!
Hi Klettersteig! What a kangooro jump! Great!
Please check your mailbox. Thanks.
hey guys, veniz - love your hair...
hope you are all enjoying New Zealand...some tricky names there :)
@LeeranerJung: could you please check your mailbox put right of the page left to your avatar. Thanks.
Hi Chrysss and Kyz,
Yes, this is a good entertainment for the WWTC, let's go the greens!

Yeah! already 26 challengers have landed in NZ!!!
and now the positions are changing every hour, you are all improving masterly your scores!!
Continue.....until tomorrow 11h00!
Hello Challengers!!
Little precision: we are now playing the qualifications of the CHALLENGE: the 16 or 32 best scores on this map will continue to next round which will be finales by pair until the end of the week.

The WWTC (Teams/colours Contest) is scheduled from 18 until 21st April .
The teams/colors are not finalized yet. You will get information in due time.

Good luck every one on this map!, scores will be picked up tomorrow Sunday 11h00 (GMT|#plus#|2)
If your score does not appear in the right column until this deadline, please send it to me on my mailbox.Thanks.
Hey Panda 56.. I so agree :) I been here before... But I think its a couple of years ago ;) Puuhh.. It takes a while to get everything in order.... Great score by the way Panda. Congratulations :) / Staffan
Hi Grumer!!!!!!
Another wonderful country!!!!!!! You agree with me?
Good morning and good saturday CHALLENGERS!!!!!!
@Snowwhite : tell me : is this Challenge or WTTC ?
I am seeing already a lot of colours!!!!!! It's beautiful!!!
Good luck and good scores all!!!!!
Hello, dur de s'y remettre.... juste un peu de temps pour jouer avec vous.. chers challengers... Un top score à presque 102k mais qui date..... Snol!
J'ai tout oublié....
Bonsoir mamie kapucinette ! Lol
Hi Chrysss and veniz !
It' a good test for our team !
Nous jouons seuls ce challenge, mais ça permet de se pousser les uns les autres afin de s'améliorer !
Allez les verts !
Thanks Veniz, but I guess you will improve aswell your score.
It's a very tough card
Hi Chrysss, here I am in green! Congrats for the podium!
Hello everybody, have a nice game !
Hi Veniz, I haven't seen you, you have forgotten your green dress ! Hi Kyzolive !
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