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PROD_S043_C017 : All the comments on our games : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun with Geography Map Games!

Discussions : Geography: Cities of Australia

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Salut Moorea !!!!!
j'aime jouer avec toi !!!!! bravo !!
I think Chrysss is coming to play with Szergejke at 99k|#plus#|
GREAT SCORES !!!!!!!!! SUPER !!!!!!!!!!
@Edmar....the Challengers ....all !!!!......give you a great welcome !!!!
This is your first tournement with us......really a very good start !!!
We are happy of your membership and we are sure you'll enjoy our activities !!! Good luck !!!
Over 99k on this map Szergejke? Now that's just silly :)
That's it for me here today - have a good night everybody, CU tomorrow ...
Ahh,,, szergejke ...
When I come home from work tomorrow and put on my computer I believe you got over 100 k :)

I do hope this works better tomorrow..
Good night everyone...Time for bed.
said and done, lol
you need a bit of luck on this, that's for sure ... I made my highest score more than 2 hours ago with, I must admit, rather easy cities :) since then i tried very hard to come anywhere near to it. No chance if, as Bluesteel indicated, you come across a city you haven't seen for a long time .... But I won't give up, haha
@Snowwhite.....Roma-Aus is a very bad city to click !!!!
Don't forget Rome -New York State.....near to Albany ......
But my best is Lugo...Galicia....Espana....ah!ah!ah!
Thanks Grumer!
Waouh Szergejke! Great Score
Panda: I have found your capital Roma!
Oh, Thank you

But it was just luck...And I really don't like this map....
Woow... Congratulations szergejke :)
Well done Szergejke a fantastic score. that's going to be very hard to beat!
YES Szergejke ...YES !!!!
If you don't know ...your score is the first every times ...GREAT !!!!
And ....please ....don't tell us jokes !!!!! ah!ah!ah!
Szergejke was just joking, haha - amazing score !
Thanks Panda! I try hard but still too far! too far! too far!
Dont worry Leeanerjung...
You are not alone ;)

Yes I agree with Panda...
Well played snowwhite :)
Yes LJ !!!
The east coast is the core of this map !!
Hello friends ! Usually i like cities on the coast on a map but not on this one - the upper right coast with all these bays confuses me every time i play this map. And yes, after 3 hours of playing still new cities, it's amazing ...
We ...all !! give our encouragement to our Snowwhite who , fighting very well , c'est la prèmière dame of Australia !!!!
Haha ... That might be true ;)

Well... Then I need a little bit of luck here.
Which I just did on a new city.
I got it on 1 kms off on 1,20 sec. haha...
That doesnt happen often !!
@Grumer....i think you'll see new cities in this map after two days !!!
ah !ah ! ah!
There are a lot of cities on the map...
After soon 2 hours here I still get new cities !!
@Szergejke ...my dear friend...don't tell us jokes...all the maps are your maps !!!
@Bluesteel....you're right !!! for exemple after a lot of games ...a lot !!!
i haven't still seen Canberra ,,,the capital !!
The other problem with this map is that some rare cities only appear once every 100 games, or so it seems. Always as the last city when you are just about to get a great score!
Oh, this is not my map....
Haha.... Thats very kind of you Panda...
But I think I reach the point where my problems begins.
There are to many hard cities ..........at the moment.
szergejke have 2 or 3 more gears to put in if he have to ...
Im sure :)
96265 and i'm only 5th !!!! pffffffffffffffff !!!!
too strong players here !!!!!
Oh yes I'm sure Grumer will work his way to the top, and you too for that matter. I have done over 98k on this map before but don't seem to be able to get there this evening.
Yes Bluesteel.....you're right !!!
But don't forget our swedish friend !!!!!
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