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PROD_S043_C017 : All the comments on our games : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun with Geography Map Games!

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the results has been picked up, thanks for playing.
We play until tomorrow 15:00
1 sebik 92217
2 Danielinho26 91863
3 Vezor 91704
4 BartekPG 91561
5 silesia78 91079
6 snowwhite 89774
7 renatka 87866
8 gregor2255 87199
Standing after first day:
1 sebik 92217
2 Danielinho26 91199
3 silesia78 91079
4 Vezor 90995
5 renatka 87866
You are on a good map members of polski klub. Good luck.
For your information, some players have created a club named "Suggestions". Thanks to them for the initiative.

Have a look at it.
This is the best way to make your voice heard if you have any ideas about the site or the games.

Have fun!
Oh no! Sebik you failed for only 35 small points!!!! What a great battle!!! Thanks for that!
You will play now against Yassine for the 3rd place!
35 points she was better but I only half an hour play. Congratulations.
i cant belive, i have no time to play but i nearly win
@challengers. scores have been picked up. You will find the new destination on the page Members Area of the Club.
Congratulations to all the participants, competitors and fans!
Arwen, tu es à nouveau ma jumelle, par le look et toi ClaudiM mon jumeau par le score...!

Toujours bien placée Arwen, mais fais attention, ton adversaire te talonne dangereusement!
Hello everybody, Iwas'nt here of all the day, I do few games and go near the next destination at 22h !
@Veniz, tiens on a le même score, tu es magnifique avec ton nouveau look, Comme toi, j'espère que notre amie Arwen va gagner ce tournoi, bisous.
waouh! how beautiful you are Veniz!
@lucasleslovène: bravo à toi aussi, et ton look te donne un air de fête!
Coucou à tous, j'émerge...
bravo Arwen, super-position, tu vas gagner....

szergeike, ma67x, chryss, well done!

still a couple of hours to go, good luck!
@challengers: still 3 hours remaining on this map. scores will be picked at 22h00 and more information will be on the page members area of the club.
Yes Lucas everything conceerning the Challenge is on the page on the Members Area!
Edelweiss! Je viens ENFIN de comprendre le challenge, je ne regardais jamais la page des membres!
And, when is the next challenge? Because during the hollidays, I'm always doing something!
Yes Lucas you are right! Sorry that you did not play yesterday! Hope the next challenge you will play from the beginning until the end!
If I understand, I'm not in semi final because Yesterday I've not on my computer!
Hello Panda56! nice to see you here with us!
@Arwen, ton adversaire est Sebik si j'ai bien lu dans The Challengers, donc tu es toujours en tête....
@Chrisss: you are back!!! I am sure you will run around the world after the first ones!
@Arwen: please honour Claudi your best fan!
@Sebig: No support from Poland? You seem so lonely! Even I don't speek polish I am with you!!! Go for it!
@klettersteig: still or already sleeping? hope you are well!
Je dois vous laisser, je vais au cinéma.
A tout à l'heure, bon courage à tous
Et voilà !
Bravo Szergejke !
Chapeau Bas !
Waouh ! Congratulations ! I left when I was first...
@ ClaudiM !
Merci !
ça me fait Plaisir de savoir que tu me soutiens !
Je vais tout faire pour être en Finale !
J'ai ouï dire que mon Adversaire était un excellent Joueur !
@Edelweiss, coucou aussi, je ne suis pas très loin de toi. Quant à ma protégée Arwen, elle est en train de réussir un grand coup, quoi que son adversaire Sebig n'est pas trop loin, suspens donc. Gros bisous .
@Arwen, si tu veux me faire plaisir, je compte sur toi pour être en final. Gros bisous aussi.
Thank You Edelweiss! You're nice! But I'm just lucky.....
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