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PROD_S043_C017 : All the comments on our games : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun with Geography Map Games!

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guys, please join my cub, it has one day left till it gets delated, it is called the great mappers and is at the bottom of mini clubs. only english please, and be the best you can be everyone. i am a nice person so please join my cool club :P :(
I would like it if you joined my group, High Score Challenges. It for everyone who, even if they fail, like challenging highscores
Everyone join my club Only4Pro, Why? cuz we are machine what is turning on that page :P
join to my club and you will be in the funniest and biggest club.
We like good people and good language and bunnies and unicorns, transformers and weapons we like everything, we are open to new things, and we like you, and WE NEED YOU
Anyone (apart from SylvaWolf) on here?
Well please join our club, our school use this website for lessons and I created an unliscensed club for it, please join Sylva's club too: Nighteyes.

Thank you and I hope to hear from you!
Hi Every1!!!
Join my awesome club: NightEyes. Fun, games and epic stuff all around!!!
Club Awesomeness International only needs 2 more people for the club to be full!!! Please join!!
I have a club called Peace it would be so awesome if you joined!! I would love to get a full club!! :)
Hello everybody!!!
Let's play togheter and join La Famiglia!!
awesomeness is open for new members!!! It is an AWESOME club, with 16 members in it right now. It's very active, and very fun. We would like to reach 40 members someday, so that we can become a competing club in the Challenges. If you wanna join, please look up our club!! Thanks! :)
Join My Club Could CLub7
-------------------------------------------------------------- The Club7 Will Have Tourney:
March 20 , June 6 , June 20
Will Be
-1st Maps Of CANADA Junior
-2nd Counties Of Scotland
-3rd Flags Of The World
Hello all :)
I am world_geogger, and my club is recruiting!
My club is called Earthlings
Please take a look!
Hello everyone. My name is Gold Tornado. Joining my club is completely up to you, and if you don't want to join, I'm fine with that. The name of the club is Gold Tornado Empire.
Hey guys, I know some of you will never trust a clown... because clowns are pretty scary, but I need YOU! As uncle sam would say. But honestly I think my club has a pretty darn sick name "Where's the pizza?" and it will be deleted if two more pizza lovers don't join! So please request to join and I will accept :)
I walk into the club like "Where's the pizza?"

Join the club.
je club géo...génial est actif et génial allez-y!!
Venez au Club The French!!!

club ou l'on parle 100% Français !!!

tournoi dés le 20 Juin au 22 Juin choix entre :
Cities of the World
Cities of China junior
Regions of Scotland
Come the club The French !!!

The English may come but , They will have speak French

tournament from the very June 20th at the June 22th choice between :
Cities of the World
Cities of China junior
Regions of Scotland
please, join my club (brothers and sisters), please.....................,I promise you, you will enjoy. It is your decision, if you want to have enjoy , knowledge please come. I will wait for you!!!
hi guys i made this mini club called solders of God
there is just one person on the club thats me if you are thinking of joining please do

HELLO!!!! :)

I personally love geography. I want to be an anthropologist (someone who studies cultures.) My club "Anthropologists" is for anyone who wants to travel the world like me. PLEASE JOIN!
Hey guys. If anyone in Mr. Taylors class sees this, please join.
Hi everyone there are a lot of people joining everyday and I ask if you would just look at my club. Please don't push it away at once just give it a try. I will try to accept the request right away. Its name is yolo for Dauntless, so please just look at it.
Venez au Club The French!!!

club ou l'on parle 100% Français !!!
Come the club The French !!!

The English may come but , They will have speak French .
i just made a club called "WorldWalkers" feel free to join
Tous les Français , venez au club The French !!!!
All the French , come the club The French !!!!

Join my club Golden Palace!

We will try to have a riddle and a geography question.

Join my club Golden Palace!

We will try to have a riddle and a geography question.
Hello everyone, I have a club named "yolo for Dauntless" which is soo true so if you like you can join. We only have two members and we need three altogether so feel free to join! And have fun!
Your attention please! We present the 1st Clubs Challenge!
It will be on the game "Cities of the World" , Friday april,25 4:00 PM (GMT time)
Up to 6000 GEOz win for your club!

MORE INFOS HERE : http://www.geography-map-games.com/geography-games-Clubs-Challenge-_pageid314.html
Hi! We improved the Arena! : Faster, New exclusive game "Cities of USA" with over 280 cities, and issues corrected. You can now duel the player of your choice in "Duels" mode. Choose your game mode here: http://www.geography-map-games.com/geography-games-Welcome-to-The-Arena-_pageid312.html We hope you enjoy it! :-)
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