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Geography: States of India

geography-map-games_ESKIS : Geography: States of India : Geography Map Games : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun!

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Geography map games States of India
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= 2014-04-22T18:02:48+02:00
Your attention please! We present the 1st Clubs Challenge!
It will be on the game "Cities of the World" , Friday april,25 4:00 PM (GMT time)
Up to 6000 GEOz win for your club!

= 2014-04-16T10:18:47+02:00
Hi! We improved the Arena! : Faster, New exclusive game "Cities of USA" with over 280 cities, and issues corrected. You can now duel the player of your choice in "Duels" mode. Choose your game mode here: We hope you enjoy it! :-)
= 2014-04-16T09:17:18+02:00
Geography map games
my score is cool
= 2014-02-23T15:55:31+01:00
Geography map games
Merci Willamar, je suis venu renforcer le peloton de tête :D
= 2014-02-23T11:51:33+01:00
Geography map games
Bien joué JO-HN !
= 2014-02-21T23:25:42+01:00
Geography map games
Yèèèèèèèè ! Kashmir by LedZé !
= 2014-02-20T20:27:17+01:00
Geography map games
marietyrol:en vrai, j'ai un look tout à fait classique,ici je m'amuse.
= 2014-02-19T03:40:18+01:00
Geography map games
Come on, Willamar, your turn ! ^^

I am sure that Marie will not leave things so ! lol
= 2014-02-18T22:07:26+01:00
Geography map games
yes but very good
= 2014-02-18T21:41:38+01:00
Geography map games
150 188 : now, it's hard !.....very hard !...
= 2014-02-18T19:11:39+01:00
Geography map games
un ptit peu mieux.
Allez à vous...!!
= 2014-02-18T03:30:34+01:00
Geography map games
Merci, Jideh ! ça a marché ! A ton tour, maintenant.......
= 2014-02-18T02:31:50+01:00
Geography map games
@Willamar : c'est juste pour te motiver ;)
= 2014-02-17T20:46:00+01:00
Geography map games
yessssss ! les 100K sont franchis ! objectif 140 avant dimanche! Soyons fous.........
= 2014-02-17T14:07:16+01:00
Geography map games
Yessss! Antoinette: tu as retrouvé ton look rasta... J'adore!
= 2014-02-17T08:56:46+01:00
Geography map games
Ce n'est plus qu'une question de file en Bretagne....ce week-end, j'étais du côté d'Orléans.Bon jeux,mes amis!
= 2014-02-17T08:46:12+01:00
Geography map games
"magnifique!",coucou Marietyrol.
= 2014-02-16T21:07:54+01:00
Geography map games
Whouaaaaaaaa ! c' est chaud, ce fichier !
= 2014-02-16T18:02:06+01:00
Geography map games
Bonne chance les AV
= 2014-01-29T08:17:25+01:00
For your information, some players have created a club named "Suggestions". Thanks to them for the initiative.

Have a look at it.
This is the best way to make your voice heard if you have any ideas about the site or the games.

Have fun!
= 2013-12-08T11:40:23+01:00
Geography map games
je suis content.
= 2013-11-25T16:07:42+01:00
Geography map games
im playing well today becozzzzzzzzzz...................
= 2013-11-07T14:38:49+01:00
Geography map games
i am 1st .
= 2013-11-01T06:18:43+01:00
Geography map games
why you speaking in French or whatever cause I cant understand you?
= 2013-10-30T17:06:06+01:00
Geography map games
i'm on 2nd place!!!
= 2013-10-29T17:04:04+01:00
Geography map games
WOW!!! I am on 3rd place!!!
= 2013-10-26T16:01:13+02:00
Geography map games
Its most useful for children.
= 2013-10-13T13:09:32+02:00
Geography map games
@Chrysss:tu as vu le joli podium?bravo,les filles!
= 2013-10-13T10:59:46+02:00
Geography map games
@ Antoinette : j'adore ton nouveau look ! Joli score
= 2013-10-12T14:54:07+02:00
Geography map games
oh!le joli score:144441

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