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Geography: Cities of New York

PROD_S043_C017 : Geography: Cities of New York : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun with Geography Map Games!

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USA by states

Geography map games Cities of California Geography map games Counties of California
Geography map games Cities of Texas Geography map games Cities of Florida Geography map games Cities of New York Geography map games Counties of New York

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= 2017-07-04T20:40:29+02:00
Geography map games
Average:10 km
= 2017-07-03T19:12:55+02:00
Geography map games
0 km à Plattsburgh
= 2016-09-07T16:21:48+02:00
Geography map games
your very good vivian
= 2015-03-13T21:58:20+01:00
Geography map games
What a great podium, all Challengers! I am proud of you all!
Bravo Claudi.
= 2015-03-10T16:52:16+01:00
Geography map games
supeeeer !!!.....chapeau !!!!
= 2015-03-10T15:00:03+01:00
Geography map games
@Leeraner Jung
thanks !!!.....i destroyed my very ancient record , but congrats a lot also to Chrysss !!!
LJ....mailbox for you .
= 2015-03-10T06:58:58+01:00
Geography map games
merci. Aujourd'hui, je vais en Californie. Un autre challange pour être dans les bons
= 2015-03-09T23:11:06+01:00
Geography map games
well done Panda !
= 2015-03-09T21:01:02+01:00
Geography map games
@ mabulle
wooooow.......plus de 103k dans ce chart c'est grandieuse !!!!!
= 2015-03-09T16:36:22+01:00
Geography map games
How I managed to make a score here of 108828 some 4 years ago, is quite a miracle to me .. Well, a 108k should be possible though ... But you need to be really fast on this one ...
= 2015-03-09T15:47:10+01:00
Geography map games
ouah !!
= 2015-03-08T18:53:20+01:00
Geography map games
Je crois que le CHAPEAU y fait Beaucoup !!!!
= 2015-03-07T19:31:40+01:00
Geography map games
@Challengers: this is one of the 5 maps we play for the CAW until Saturday 14th 20h00 (GMT+1). Enjoy!
= 2015-02-23T08:55:46+01:00
Geography map games
Good morning Claudi;bon jeu mon ami.
= 2015-02-22T15:51:23+01:00
Geography map games
Venise!New-York et Buffalo,au début je ne savais même pas les situer.
= 2015-02-22T13:44:06+01:00
Geography map games
C'est bien ce que je disais (site GT), je n'ai encore jamais joué à ce jeu. Connais 0 villes, à part NYC et Buffalo, qui ne sont pas apparus.
= 2015-02-22T13:08:11+01:00
Geography map games
quel plaisir de t'avoir rencontrée sur ce jeu même si tu ne fais que passer.
= 2015-02-22T11:29:51+01:00
Geography map games
Hello Antoinette. Pas si facile, et pas envie de m'y attarder.
Bon dimanche
= 2015-02-21T15:15:19+01:00
Geography map games
CHETUMAL:je voyage à travers les jeux géographiques
= 2015-01-14T04:17:11+01:00
Geography map games
Hello antoinette. Comment bien vous pouvez voyager !!!!
Je vois des listes d'autres membres du club. Je espère ne tardera pas à se intégrer plus activement.
= 2015-01-13T19:48:38+01:00
Geography map games
hello,CHETUMAL!je reviens de Floride
= 2015-01-04T04:55:36+01:00
Geography map games
second place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
= 2014-12-09T14:19:03+01:00
Geography map games
4TH PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
= 2014-09-20T23:07:21+02:00
Geography map games
Great score, toto.40 !!!! :) yes, i am No. 1 on Texas map (and Florida)
= 2014-09-16T22:12:39+02:00
Geography map games
109k, wonderfull!

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