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Geography: Cities of China

PROD_S043_C017 : Geography: Cities of China : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun with Geography Map Games!

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Our games CHINA

Geography map games Cities of China Geography map games Cities of China junior Geography map games Provinces of China

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= 2016-08-14T03:41:53+02:00
Geography map games
Les pubs se mettent carrément SUR la partie gauche de la carte, impossible de cliquer des villes de ce côté, grrrrr
= 2016-08-10T22:13:54+02:00
Geography map games
Ouf, trop dure cette carte !
= 2016-06-09T14:15:35+02:00
Geography map games
= 2016-04-24T17:12:19+02:00
Geography map games
fichier beaucoup trop dense pour qu on s y consacre vraiment
de plus bugs a repetition :(((
= 2016-04-23T19:38:02+02:00
Geography map games
Heureusement que l´ on a les Villes Juniors !!!
= 2016-02-12T15:02:13+01:00
Geography map games
que de villes à 0 points!C'est désolant
= 2015-06-09T15:51:29+02:00
Geography map games
Hello International Club awesomeness players! Here is where we play for this week! Good Luck!!
= 2014-12-09T04:12:53+01:00
Geography map games
Tangshan is not in the right place.
= 2014-11-22T09:17:47+01:00
Geography map games
please ..check your mailbox.
= 2014-11-03T12:22:27+01:00
Geography map games
Bravo à tous !
Dommage panda pour 2 petit pts ! ^^
Je vais jouer avec vous pour la dernière manche, mais étant malade je ferais pas de bon scores !
= 2014-11-03T08:51:49+01:00
Geography map games
Amazing score Chrysss - must be all time No. 1.
= 2014-11-02T21:06:27+01:00
Geography map games
Challengers: we are now on Flags of the World
= 2014-11-02T20:52:22+01:00
Geography map games
Such a great battle between Albi and Panda!
Chrysss: awesome score!
The scores have been picked up and the finales are posted on the Club Members Area Page.
= 2014-11-02T20:46:28+01:00
Geography map games
The game is over.....congratulations Albi !!!!
= 2014-11-02T20:41:42+01:00
Geography map games
@ cathou : merci beaucou. En fait je n'ai pas de secret, la seule chose qui change depuis quelques semaines c'est que je me suis enfin décidée à porter mes lunettes en jouant, du coup j'y vois beaucoup mieux !!!
= 2014-11-02T20:38:44+01:00
Geography map games
wow, 2 points difference, what a thriller :) @chryss : awesome score, I will work on that ...
= 2014-11-02T20:28:02+01:00
Geography map games
quel magnifique combat entre panda et albi !
bravo à tous les trois
chrysss, comment fais tu pour être aussi douée sur tous les jeux !
beau podium !

= 2014-11-02T19:58:03+01:00
Geography map games
Bonjour les challengers, je n'arrive pas à voir les commentaires du club, j'ai beau m'identifier, dès que je clique sur "clubs", mon pseudo s'efface.
Pouvez vous m'envoyer un message sur le site français, merci. Pour savoir ou vous jouez, etc....
= 2014-11-02T16:57:14+01:00
Geography map games
juste un petit plus !
mais je vais réessayer !
= 2014-11-02T16:56:48+01:00
Geography map games
Yes !!!!
I'm happy !!....third behind C. and LJ is my right place !!!
Courage Albi !!!!
We'll see later !!!!
= 2014-11-02T16:45:04+01:00
Geography map games
Thanks Chrysss !!!!
but i repeat !...this is not a good map for me !!!!! sure your 113k is completely over my possibilities !!!!!!
= 2014-11-02T16:33:33+01:00
Geography map games
Well done Panda, 110000 points are not so far now even more ! I guess you are able to do more than 113000 points. If I have done it, you can also do it, I am sure of it ! Come on !
= 2014-11-02T15:45:10+01:00
Geography map games
Bienvenue Mabulle !!!
Oui...c'est très dur !!!! mais c'est sympathique voir tu ici !!!!
Bonne chance !!!
= 2014-11-02T15:41:00+01:00
Geography map games
Thanks Chrysss !!!.....but i've a problem here....i don't like China at all!!!!
ah!ah!....anyway your score is great !!! i'm sure it will be record for a long time !!!!......until the next time the Challengers will play here !!
Let's go Panda !!!.....it's better to play !!!!
= 2014-11-02T15:30:39+01:00
Geography map games
I don't know China at all ! It was very very difficult. And I think the score can be improved, because I have 4 towns at 5400 points.
Congratulations to you panda, you are doing very well !
= 2014-11-02T14:55:05+01:00
Geography map games
First t.t. !!!!!........you really love China !!!!
= 2014-11-02T13:57:00+01:00
Geography map games
Allez Cathou, Albi and Panda !
= 2014-11-01T19:55:54+01:00
Geography map games
je n arrive vraiment pas à mémoriser ces villes !
trop dur pour moi !
chapeau bas à toi chrysss
je ne vais pas abandonner, si j'arrive à gagner une place , ce sera déjà une satisfaction pour moi
= 2014-11-01T18:04:35+01:00
Geography map games
Nicht aufgeben, Albi, du schaffst das !!!
= 2014-11-01T17:35:33+01:00
Geography map games
Great Chrysss !!!!!.....welldone !!!!!!!
Hy Albi !!!!!!.......have fun and good luck !!!!!!!!

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