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Geography: Cities of Australia

PROD_S043_C017 : Geography: Cities of Australia : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun with Geography Map Games!

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= 2018-12-19T21:01:13+01:00
Geography map games
3 AV en balade
= 2018-07-18T06:44:30+02:00
Geography map games
how does this stupid thing work??
= 2018-05-23T12:16:40+02:00
Geography map games
hehe i saw one of my classmates on the top of the month thing XD
= 2018-05-14T05:41:55+02:00
Geography map games
i cant even play the game!!!!!! it wont work, how do u play it
= 2016-11-30T04:20:23+01:00
Geography map games

I am the best person in the world becasues I have a apple
= 2016-07-22T18:00:32+02:00
Geography map games
michaelk : You are right !!! Write to the ADM , on : Contact Us ...
= 2016-06-23T01:15:57+02:00
Geography map games
= 2016-06-23T01:15:53+02:00
Geography map games
= 2016-06-14T20:45:52+02:00
Geography map games
Helensvale Australia seems to be placed incorrectly. It is between Brisbane and Gold Coast but the game places it above Cairn. Am I missing something? There is a Hope Vale above Cairn
= 2015-06-22T12:11:16+02:00
Geography map games
Click play and then you match the places on the map.
= 2015-06-20T15:26:05+02:00
Geography map games
Hi, I'm new to this how do you start

= 2015-05-26T07:01:42+02:00
Geography map games
= 2014-11-19T16:38:37+01:00
Geography map games
Thank you very much! You are very nice! Thanks!
= 2014-11-18T21:43:14+01:00
Geography map games
nice competition grand bravo to szergejke
more than 100... on a map you discover
you are brillant
= 2014-11-18T20:37:13+01:00
Geography map games
Incredible scores !!!!
Congratulations to 100 k szergejke :)
= 2014-11-18T19:53:47+01:00
Geography map games
I'm very sorry but this week i haven't time to play ......anyway i'm very happy to see the great scores of the Challengers !!!
I'm very proud to be member of this Club !!!!!
Of course i haven't words for Szergejke 's score.....more of 100k in this map !!!!.....fantastic !!!!!
= 2014-11-18T16:42:41+01:00
Geography map games
@Chrysss I don't think I will as I haven't much time lest now as I'm out this evening shooting at a different type of target doing Archery :)
= 2014-11-18T15:47:36+01:00
Geography map games
Sorry Bluesteel, I meant the 99000 points and perhaps the 1000000 points like Szergejke
= 2014-11-18T15:45:32+01:00
Geography map games
Thanks Bluesteel, I am sure you can also reach the 90000 points even more.
= 2014-11-18T15:41:17+01:00
Geography map games
Excellent! Well done Chrysss!!! Now on to 100k :)
= 2014-11-18T14:51:13+01:00
Geography map games
Well done Chrysss! I'm sure you'll beat me to 99k and beyond. I just can't get those few extra points no matter how hard I try.
= 2014-11-18T14:03:55+01:00
Geography map games
hello bluesteel
for the moment no way to reach the 100....
there is still few cities ( incertaines)
so i ll try if time to reach a little 98...

= 2014-11-18T11:45:09+01:00
Geography map games
Come on Moorea I'm sure you can get to 100k too!

I'm stuck just a few points short of 99k and just can't seem to get any further at the moment. But I'll keep trying.
= 2014-11-18T11:10:55+01:00
Geography map games
hello challengers
bravo szergejke very impressive score
you must have the score
n 1 on this map !!!
= 2014-11-18T09:25:58+01:00
Geography map games
Szergejke? 100k? Now that's just showing off :)
= 2014-11-17T21:30:30+01:00
Geography map games
Hello panda !

Thanks a lot and good luck also !
= 2014-11-17T20:33:14+01:00
Geography map games
@ Kyz
bonsoir !!!! welcome !!!
great australian party here !!!!
Bonne chance !!!!

= 2014-11-17T19:01:37+01:00
Geography map games
good evening everybody
same for you panda let see if i can do better
= 2014-11-17T17:43:59+01:00
Geography map games
Come on everybody ! I have not enough time to play... today I played 1/2 hour and I will probably play this evening if I succeed in finding time. Good luck
= 2014-11-17T17:09:16+01:00
Geography map games
Salut Moorea !!!!!
j'aime jouer avec toi !!!!! bravo !!

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