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Geography: Flags of the World

geography-map-games_WKF : Geography: Flags of the World : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun with Geography Map Games!

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11-09-08 : Some flags have been corrected :

Libya, Uzbekistan, Andorra, Guatemala, Bolivia, Iraq, Lesotho.


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= 2016-05-03T22:18:21+02:00
Geography map games
The Malawi flag is old. They went back to the old style.
= 2016-04-30T23:49:28+02:00
Geography map games
Please fix Belize flag to have white background on coat of arms like this: https://myloview.pl/fototapety/160/39DBC48/square-icon-with-flag-of-belize.jpg
= 2016-04-07T16:18:32+02:00
Geography map games
i am the best, Mr.irvinearifian can't play noob
= 2016-04-07T16:18:05+02:00
Geography map games
i thought it is imposible to reach 10k now im 53k, 60k time
= 2016-04-02T20:56:34+02:00
Geography map games
I thought it was impossible to get more then 50 k but i finaly made a bit over 53k! 60 is next, love this game btw
= 2016-03-22T00:09:48+01:00
Geography map games
Is there an iphone app for this game? so you can press the screen instead of clicking with a mouse.
= 2016-02-13T21:28:55+01:00
Geography map games
i m terrible
= 2016-02-02T17:33:52+01:00
Geography map games
guys, please stop that already, anyway, keep on mapping!
= 2016-01-25T14:22:31+01:00
Geography map games
= 2016-01-24T17:33:57+01:00
Geography map games
fun suff
= 2016-01-13T10:26:56+01:00
Geography map games
= 2015-12-22T23:57:07+01:00
Geography map games
Trying to crack 60,000! Only 3000 more to go...
= 2015-12-15T11:41:52+01:00
Geography map games
= 2015-11-26T14:38:47+01:00
Geography map games
What should lewis do???

Britney Or Callum???
= 2015-10-20T20:06:43+02:00
Geography map games
Libya hasn't done good
= 2015-10-20T18:59:15+02:00
Geography map games
Who wants to join mini club team ENGLAND
= 2015-10-20T18:19:11+02:00
Geography map games
37,090 not lying :-)
= 2015-10-09T01:00:03+02:00
Geography map games
@ kestell: It should. I've always sent my stuff to the Admin through the Mailbox.
= 2015-10-08T17:51:44+02:00
Geography map games
Bettered you davenport!
= 2015-10-07T10:47:55+02:00
Geography map games
I sent a message through "contact us" - does that qualify?
= 2015-10-07T00:37:58+02:00
Geography map games
Thanks for the info, kestell! Did you tell the Admin about it??
= 2015-10-06T20:40:59+02:00
Geography map games
you call me that hmm... usac?
= 2015-10-06T16:00:39+02:00
Geography map games
Malawi flag is incorrect - the old flag was adopted again in 2012

= 2015-10-06T00:46:43+02:00
Geography map games
That's what your sister calls you. ??? ;) And yes, great job everybody!!! :)
= 2015-10-05T17:46:09+02:00
Geography map games
Great job kestell!!!!!!!
= 2015-10-04T03:18:33+02:00
Geography map games
IF really?
= 2015-10-03T21:24:12+02:00
Geography map games
Great job olimp26!!!
= 2015-10-03T05:40:38+02:00
Geography map games
Yay!!! :)
= 2015-10-03T02:44:57+02:00
Geography map games
IF is back!! Awesome!! :):)
= 2015-10-02T18:45:44+02:00
Geography map games
YAY!! :)

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