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Geography: Flags of the World

PROD_S043_C017 : Geography: Flags of the World : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun with Geography Map Games!

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11-09-08 : Some flags have been corrected :

Libya, Uzbekistan, Andorra, Guatemala, Bolivia, Iraq, Lesotho.


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= 2017-03-23T05:22:48+01:00
Geography map games
My score: 24599 (highest score) :(
= 2017-03-21T14:36:33+01:00
Geography map games
Bravo Este!!
= 2017-03-18T09:06:11+01:00
Geography map games
The Challengers A and B: this is the correct map to play the CNC until Thursday 23rd. Good luck!
Vous êtes sur la bonne carte pour jouer le CNC jusqu'à jeudi 23. Bonne chance!
= 2017-02-19T20:24:47+01:00
Geography map games
easy peasy lemon-squeasy
= 2017-02-16T01:34:43+01:00
Geography map games
So, that's great that this website has a community! I'm new here, and have loved geography ever since I was 6 years old, I'm 14 now.
= 2017-02-01T21:51:16+01:00
Geography map games

You have an excellent knowledge of geography. I am very impressed with your scores! If I may ask, how old are you, and where do you live?
= 2017-02-01T02:07:45+01:00
Geography map games
Spielberg iam usimng only the mouse 3 years now.
= 2017-01-31T18:43:34+01:00
Geography map games
I would like to ask this question: (to the guys that achieved the score of 70000) do you use exclusively the mouse or do you use another mean?
= 2017-01-25T12:36:05+01:00
Geography map games
= 2017-01-18T10:36:33+01:00
Geography map games
IM GOOD YEAHH!!!!!!!!!! HI HELLO ###
= 2017-01-11T16:28:45+01:00
Geography map games
Hey all,
I just joined yesterday, could make 40K but still have a lot of mistakes, so im sure much more is possible. Can someone tell me the available scores after each rounds?How much should i make to reach the top? As i guess, everything is up to the last round, but how much can you make in the 1-2-3rd round?
= 2017-01-07T20:44:57+01:00
Geography map games
Thank you Radek , you are very kind.

Come on now try to join the 70 k club.

Iam sure you can.
= 2017-01-07T16:09:43+01:00
Geography map games
avidadollars congrats! You did it! 70k, wow! Respect! :)
= 2017-01-05T20:25:25+01:00
Geography map games
Radek b i was too close to reach 70 plus several times.
Of couse is enough with 30450 to beat 70, but this is the hardest level.

Cradle SCORE 74659 is almost impossible to beat.

And frankly i dont know how he reach so far.

After that crazy score , craddle , dissapear like Kayzer Soze.

There arent any special tips.

In capitals and flags games, is necessary to know the answers , perfect. Without any doubt.

Players who can read the questions and choose the correct answer, very very fast , they have a clear advantage.

Good luck. you are a great competitor.

= 2017-01-05T15:46:23+01:00
Geography map games
avidadollars, I think I can reach 70 k, but how it is possible, that cradle85 reached 74 679? :D Any tips? After third round I've got max. 30 450 point. Is it enough to try beat 70k?
= 2017-01-04T20:42:53+01:00
Geography map games
reminds me a lot of geochallenge. still not as fun, but it'll do
= 2016-12-30T19:46:23+01:00
Geography map games
egcsgn, it is possible, believe me! It's all about speed. I click automatically without any waiting. I regularly achieve results >60k. My advice: play, play, and do it automatically.
= 2016-12-29T22:27:25+01:00
Geography map games
I made 54459 today, I think I can score a 58000 but it seems impossible to get a 60000. I wonder how people can score so high.
= 2016-12-22T20:41:05+01:00
Geography map games
= 2016-12-10T14:52:48+01:00
Geography map games
The key to success is round 2 and 4. In the second round much time is wasted on the choice of how many flags we want to see (of course, that 4). In the last round I'm always afraid of seeing Honduras, Nicaragua and Salwador at the same time! :) Greetings from Poland!
= 2016-11-06T14:33:44+01:00
Geography map games
Ze wszystkich tematów, najbardziej lubiÄ™ "Flags of the World"
= 2016-09-21T16:20:32+02:00
Geography map games
Is there any chance that I could turn that annoying sound of once and for all?
= 2016-09-07T21:17:36+02:00
Geography map games
I'm over 45000 with mistakes. You're not fast enough.
= 2016-08-22T17:38:06+02:00
Geography map games
Hi, even if i do everything great i still get around 40 000 , even if someone is more faster i doubt he can go above 45 000, how comes some guys make 60 000 + , is there some bonus levels or some bonus for premium users?
= 2016-07-05T01:23:47+02:00
Geography map games
= 2016-06-28T21:19:07+02:00
Geography map games
this game is sick and op
= 2016-05-16T04:48:41+02:00
Geography map games
Yo yo honey Singh.
I wear my heart on my sleeve.
I love everyone
= 2016-05-11T19:25:20+02:00
Geography map games
wames jebb
i see you re knew in this site welcome and enjoy
for information its a place for game and fun
joke and teasing are very welcome but please spare us from vulgarity merci
= 2016-05-11T08:41:39+02:00
Geography map games
good day, Moorea 14 !
= 2016-05-11T08:14:49+02:00
Geography map games
good day challengers

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