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All the comments on our games

PROD_S043_C017 : All the comments on our games : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun with Geography Map Games!

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Mouska (women in first) boris, ppaul, th7, thanks to you my friends and good game for everyone!
Merci boris! Je le pensais aussi avant d'aller sur la version allemande. C'est sûrement tes échanges sulfureux avec Mouska, que je salue au passage, qui ont relevé mon taux de testostérone!
In deed, bobo, Italy is really hard for me. Nevertheless, I don't give up. I just came here to boost my morale. But, first of all, congratulations! 110213, it's a huge performance! I'm worried now. I thought that UK was my garden but the new king could be you. My record was lucky. I've had lots of successfull anticipations. Spain? Why not?
And here comes the challenger.
There's no problem.
Very simple. You've 42 countries to find. If you're fast enough to finish the game before time end you get a special bonus. In my case that's make 42*2000=84000 1778 (time remaining bonus)= 85778.
0/64247 for now.
Very far from it, pie! I've just a 16,4'' screen. A Vaio.
Thanks. No touchscreen for me. Am an oldschool competitor.
Lol! So, change creamery!
Thanks. Finally, remembering was easier than what i thought. 110500 should be possible.
Indeed, bobo. My 69070 haven't sense any more. What a pity! It was hard to achieve.
In the shop of will.
In fact, it's possible to finish this game but you really have to hurry!
Thank you bobo! Don't worry about your score. I'm sure you'll improve yourself very quickly. I'm waiting you to the top.
Well, it seems to me that... it's done! Finally. Now, what about 69500? Obviously, I joke. Although...
Thank you, Rapha! 68903 is my personal best. My goal is to reach 69000. But the real king of this game is pakcaafer. Look at his score in cities of UK.
J'ai atteint les 86000, à 2 reprises, et à la faveur, à chaque fois, d'une triple anticipation finale... et d'une rapidité à toute épreuve. Comme la barre de temps était pleine, je suppose qu'il s'agît du meilleur score possible. Au moins, ça c'est fait.