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All the comments on our games

PROD_S043_C017 : All the comments on our games : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun with Geography Map Games!

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the Kams?
Thanks Panda. I will be also careful with the Kodiaks hanging around !!
@Challengers: 18 of 25 week's scores belong to us! Wonderfull!!
Waouh ma67x: très bien entouré! Bravo Catounette et Albi!
coucou toto: ça fait plaisir de te voir.......avec nous!
Peux-tu jeter un œil à ta mailbox sur le site français STP.
@The Challengers-A and B: this is one of the 2 maps we play for the Olympics until wednesday 20h00. Enjoy!
@The Challengers-A and B: this is one of the 2 maps we play for the Olympics until wednesday 20h00. Enjoy!
Merci Caramelo et bravo pour ton score!
Challengers: welcome back after one year on this map for the finals, until Sunday 20h00 (GMT|#plus#|1)
what a fight between Szergejke and Kyz!!
Results this evening at 20h00....
@moorea: merci. j'espère que ça marchera.
@jc: tu as raison. It will be a great battle between Panda and Kopec.
@kyz-szergejke: come on!
Bravo Panda!!
@moorea: mp sur le site français. Merci.
Hello Bluesteel, JC: nice to see you here supporting the 1/4 finalists on that map!
The podium is free... come on Challengers!
@The Challengers-A and B: this is the map we play the 1/4 finals until Wednesday 20h00 (GMT|#plus#|1)
vous êtes sur la bonne carte où nous jouons les 1/4 de finales jusqu'à mercredi 20h00 (GMT|#plus#|1).
Have fun!
Great battle between Chrysss and Dormitaine, and between Bluesteel and Moorea! It is not finished, you still have more than one day!!
3 hats on the podium, may be it is the key!
@The Challengers A-B: good luck on that map. we play the 8/finals until Monday 14h00 (GMT|#plus#|1).
Bonne chance sur cette carte. On joue les 8èmes jusqu'à lundi 14h00.
@LJ: thanks for the information, so your opponent will go straight to the next tour.
merci pour l'information: ton adversaire passe donc directement au tour suivant.
@loulou: same for you and your opponent.

@caramelo-dormitaine: merci de m'avoir confirmé vos places, je pourrai ainsi faire le tableau des 16èmes sans protestation. thanks to have informed for the tie so I can set the 16/finales with no protest.
@LJ: welcome back!
@Caramelo, Dormitaine: please break this tie! Ex-aequo sur une telle carte! In case it stays like this, Dormitaine who did this score before Caramelo will be placed better for the finals.
Dans ce cas si cela reste ainsi, Dormitaine qui a réalisé ce score avant Caramelo sera placé devant pour les finales.
@LJ: welcome back!
@Caramelo, Dormitaine: please break this tie! Ex-aequo sur une telle carte!
Great representation of the Challengers on that map! Congratulations to szergejke who took the lead of the month! Welcome back with us to Raphounet, Kopec, Kyz.
For all Challengers: if you are not on the week scores, please send me your best score of these qualifications on my mailbox before tomorrow Thursday at 09:59 (GMT|#plus#|1). Thanks.
The 16/finals will continue tomorrow on a different map: please see information on the Members Area Pages.

Belle représentation des Challengers sur cette carte! Bravo à Szergejke qui est en tête du mois. Bon retour avec nous à Raphounet, Kopec et Kyz.
Si votre score n'apparaît pas dans la colonne de la semaine, merci de m'envoyer votre meilleur score durant ces qualifications, sur ma mailbox, au plus tard demain jeudi à 09:59.
les 16/finales continueront demain sur une autre carte.
@Challengers: this is the right map to play the qualifications until Thursday 10h00 (GMT|#plus#|1). Good luck!
C'est la bonne carte sur laquelle nous jouons les qualifications jusqu'à jeudi 10h00.
Bonne chance!
I suggest that every one support Moorea until 20h00, he is missing only 4 points to the 100K!
Je propose que tout le monde aide Moorea jusqu'à 20h00, il ne lui manque que 4 points pour atteindre les 100K!

What a fight between all of you Challengers! Well done!
I will take the scores at 20h00 for the results. See you on the Club page.
Welcome to the 99K Challengers Club! You are so close to the 100K. Go Go! you can do it!
Szergejke: Bravo. Wonderfull!
@JC may be you have to change your clothing!
@szergejke: you will reach very soon your personal score on that map. That's sure!
Merci Moorea,
Une "équipe gagnante", dont tu fais partie, c'est ce qui motive tout "coach"!! Bravo à vous tous!
Thanks Moorea! A "winning team", in which you belong, it is what motivate every "coach"!! Congratulations to all of you!

Enjoy! Amusez-vous!
@moorea: à voir, ça revient vite!! La tête et le poignet fonctionnent toujours au top! Bravo
@ameliathedancer: welcome with the Challengers!
do not forget to play also on the 4 other maps (info on the Member Area Page of the Club)
Bravo Caramelo!
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