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All the comments on our games

PROD_S043_C017 : All the comments on our games : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun with Geography Map Games!

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@geoking123: welcome to the club The Challengers! Nice to see you playing with us. Join us on the other maps Cities of the World, Canada and USA Junior.!
Oh! zut! j'ai choisi une carte avec quelques problèmes que, moi-même, je ne rencontre pas? Voulez-vous en changer?
Catounette and all the Challengers: the entire podium is waiting on us!
@The Challengers: this is one of the 4 maps we play until wednesday 23 at 20h00 (GMT|#plus#|1)
@The Challengers: this is one of the 4 maps we play until wednesday 23 at 20h00 (GMT|#plus#|1)
@The Challengers: this is one of the 4 maps we play until wednesday 23 at 20h00 (GMT|#plus#|1)
@The Challengers: this is one of the 4 maps we play until wednesday 23 at 20h00 (GMT|#plus#|1)
@speeedcuber: nice to see you here! The Challengers are missing you!
waou! Moorea and LeeranerJung exactly same score. In case of tie still at 10h00, the score realised first, Moorea14 in this case, will be placed 1st.
Moorea et LJ exactement le meme score, si toujours à égalité à 10h00, c'est le score réalisé en premier, celui de Moorea dans ce cas, sera classé 1er.
@challengers: kindly please let me know if you are not available to continue to play the next round of the challenge. Thanks.
Merci de me dire si vous ne pouvez pas continuer à jouer le prochain tour de ce challenge.
@michaelk : please check your mailbox. Thanks
Merci Moorea. No problem. et bravo pour ton score ici!
This is the correct map to play until Sunday 10h00 for the qualifications of the challenge. Enjoy!
Great battles among The Challengers.
For now we have:
kitten: 1. dormitaine
2. lynxoulynxo
3. nibor
lions: 1. Saskia
2. oasis
3. ma67x
turtles: 1. chrysss
2. Yassine
3 moorea

We still have more than one day to improve! Let's go!
The Challengers Winter Olympics are open on this map!
Good luck!
@michaelk: please check your mailbox. Thanks.
Je n'ai jamais vu un petit moorea nul sur une carte!
@ moorea: yes it is true, strategy can be fun! and mine just failed, at least a turnaround :))) wait and see!!!!!!!
@moorea: thanks for the tip! But it does not change anything for me, it is not my favorite map!
@serginho: ça a déjà été fait!
@panda: Yes! you are right!
I am waiting for my rickshaw guide to explore this beautiful country!
@michaelk: please check your mail box. Thanks.
@floflo: merci! c'est sûrement grâce à toi et ta motivation!
Trop fort Floflo!!
Floflo: magnifique! Bravo!!
@thenerdygeek813 : thanks to have joined our team tournament. What was your previous username when you registered in the Club?
oulala!! I don't remember any of these cities since I have played last time 2 1/2 years!
What a battle betwwen 1st and 2nd! Caramelo won 10 minutes before the dead line and Dormitaine got lhis best score just 10 minutes after the dead line!!!
Also great battle for the 3rd and 4th place, Moorea and Serginho!
Thanks all the Challengers participants!
@The Challengers A and B: This is the map for the finals of the Challenge, play until tomorrow Monday at 20h00. Get ready! Go!
Voici la carte des finales du Challenge où nous jouons jusqu'à demain lundi à 20h00. Prêts! Partez!
@The Challengers A and B: this is the game we play for the 1/8 finales until Tuesday 10h30 (GMT|#plus#|2)
Voici le jeu pour les 8èmes de finale jusqu'à mardi à 10h30 .
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