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PROD_S043_C017 : All the comments on our games : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun with Geography Map Games!

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Spielberg iam usimng only the mouse 3 years now.
Thank you Radek , you are very kind.

Come on now try to join the 70 k club.

Iam sure you can.
Radek b i was too close to reach 70 plus several times.
Of couse is enough with 30450 to beat 70, but this is the hardest level.

Cradle SCORE 74659 is almost impossible to beat.

And frankly i dont know how he reach so far.

After that crazy score , craddle , dissapear like Kayzer Soze.

There arent any special tips.

In capitals and flags games, is necessary to know the answers , perfect. Without any doubt.

Players who can read the questions and choose the correct answer, very very fast , they have a clear advantage.

Good luck. you are a great competitor.

GeoGuru iam not using touch-screen, only with mouse, iam playing this game two years, thats all.
thank you williamrhys, you are also very good, the answer to your question is simple, practice.
no you don't, but you are so close to do it, good luck
hyrerdark, thank you but its almost impossible to beat that score, pearl if you play capitals for the first time and you scored 60005,thats a good sign, when i first play i managed to score 55000 points. good luck to you both.
hyperdark the best score is 67650 from cradle85 , unbeatable.
do you plan step 2 or not?
geia sou mitsara.
lord of science στο ξαναπα ο kovalt ειμαι και αλλαξα ονομα.
oxi re o kovalt eimai aplos alaxa onoma
krishna i told you before, and also falajunior mention that you must reach the level where you find the answers mechanic,the only way to do that is practice again and again,a month ago your best score was 50000 now is 56000,think about it.
no man only change his name