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All the comments on our games

PROD_S043_C017 : All the comments on our games : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun with Geography Map Games!

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morning guys :) good to see some people out there playing! hope you are enjoying your weekends!
I keep trying, but alas, I think szergejke is too good...come on danielinho, panda, fengniu and missyblitz...let's try to get the 1st place for yellow :)
Hi Missyblitz, you are also on the yellow team (we usually put some of our team colour in our avatar so it is easy to see who is in which team, so if you like you can add some yellow!)
Where are you from?
konban wa :)
great to see yelllow doing so well on the podium, and congratulations to szergejke (i always struggle to spell your name!) for a wonderful score - you set us a great challenge :)
goodnight...oyasumi nasai ...I hope I don't dream in japanese...
will be interesting to see what the leaderboard looks like tomorrow with all the challengers weighing in...good luck to all...

go YELLOW :)
yay fengniu! fantastic score...go yellow

I only stopped by Hiroshima on the fast train on the way down to kyuushuu, we were on school trip and went to nagasaki which is a strikingly beautiful port city, great scenery...
wow chrysss...u beat my score again....was out at a birthday...will have a couple of tries before bed :)
enjoy japan challengers
Kyoto is a very beautiful city, he is lucky to have lived there :) There are some nice memories when I click some of these places, but others make me feel a bit sad, like fukushima, kobe, hiroshima and nagashima because of the disasters for the Japanese people in the past :(
welcome barkek! I hope you do well...
Chrysss...nice work, you pass me so quickly, have you been to Japan?
Hello Fengniu! I see you are also yellow, I have not met you before, where do you come from?
Hey Snow white! I did not know close mode is there? So sorry!
Yes, I can play some games this evening before I do some study! I am pleased to be on top for 15 mins! I actually lived in Toyohasi, Okazaki and Hekinan 15 years ago when a high school student...I have travelled to some of these cities, so hopefully I will help my team :)
You are very good at Japanese cities , have you been there?
Konnichi wa minsan :)
Genki desu ka?
Watashi wa juugonen mae nihon ni sun de imashita.
ganbare kiiroi!
I do wonder how much hotter Africa is than Australia, probably it depends where you go, I would love to see the big African animals such as giraffe and elephants...also to see their jungles...
Whereabouts did you go snow white?
hey Panda - looking good there at the top of the table!
...but where is ma67x - he was much too good for me in the mediterranean city challenge - I think he should also do very well here
good evening challengers!
here we are in Africa - I would very much like to actually visit there one day! Has anyone been there before??
Some great scores there...will do my best ;)
szergejke - you are an Australian champion.!
I am pleased to represent australia on the podium...for now...we will see how you guys go over night...i must get to sleep - work tomorrow! i think i will change my colours to green and gold our sports colours!
and thank you so much for the warm welcome back,
g'day all!
haha so glad I made it back for this! canoe trip was awesome...also went to seaworld for the day, the dolphins are fantastic...
I hope I can do australia proud in this map, I am really pleased with how well everyone is doing on our country! now you must come and visit all these places! I recommend launceston, i just went there over summer, also to hastings....coffs harbour is a great holiday spot....never been to northern territory or western australia though...
Aussie aussie aussie...oi oi oi! (this is what we cheer in sports!)
yay well done panda you made it back in the top 5...I tried and lifted my score a little, not sure if i can beat that though...go yellow :)
wow well done red, and great effort blue...I am pleased to see yellow rising too, well done team, lets see if we can improve a little and challenge blue....

go green too!
showwhite, i see the messages, and asked a question...though I am afraid it is my bedtime now...have fun challengers...i think the riddle will be solved by the time i wake up.
canada has some very strange cities, at the moment 'chilliwack' is my favorite.
well done yellows, go arwen and lou...we can get up the leaderboard...
there are some excellent scores challengers, we have taken over canada! ay!
haha, I also think swiss chocolate is lovely..but all chocolate is lovely - i am willing to judge a chocolate competition if you want to send some chocolates panda!
...lol and yes of course the shape is a koala, koalas themselves are not that delicious - though i have never tried one!

a quiz on the club page...will have to go see!
good job panda, renatka and caramelo...and all yellow - we are improving, keep up the good work!
caramelo - in Australia we have a chocolate called a caramelo koala! they come in a yellow wrapper, and are yummy, I hope this is a good sign for the yellow team :)
good job panda, renatka and caramelo...and all yellow - we are improving, keep up the good work!
caramelo - in Australia we have a chocolate called a caramelo koala! they come in a yellow wrapper, and are yummy, I hope this is a good sign for the yellow team :)
Get ready challengers! Yellow is here ;) Good luck to all!
thanks for the games sebik..was close on that last one, if only i knew exactly where marrakesh was! the arena is not loading now, may try later,
have fun :)
very good sebik...I will keep trying but you have excellent accuracy...and speed :)
sorry charles, i accidentally hit right click button which apparently is forbidden in this game?
great match Charles! congrats! less than 200 points in it :)
thanks charles! it was a good battle.
I think I understand the score now, if someone quits, you do not score the win..bit annoying if people quit on the final question...anyway we will see how this arena goes. I find it a bit too slow to reset between locations
Congrats again charles! I always get confused between sucre and la paz bolivia..
I am wondering how you have played 9 games and won 5 but lost none? how does the scoreboard work? do you know?
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