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All the comments on our games

PROD_S043_C017 : All the comments on our games : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun with Geography Map Games!

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yeah, it is much better than earlier today! I will try 3 more times, then back to work...great job veniz. and go green!
well done veniz :) lets try get past 100,000 (though really I have to get back to lesson preparation and assignment marking!)
Yay I nearly reached 100000! come on Veniz, let try to catch our team mates! When does this WWTC end?
excellent work challengers...I come to try improve my score, i find this map hard :) go green, sorry I let the team down...
Hi jean cyrille...I think we start the WTC in 30 mins...good luck :)
hey panda, good to see you too! You have a great place on the podium!
have you tried to new USA capitals map?
Hey Challengers! Welcome back to canada, I am quite sure we have played this recently, so there should be some good scores...
hope everyone is going well, I currently have some study to do as well as work, so playing here is a welcome distraction!
The yellows are looking good here, but i think this is the individual challenge?
See you in Chilliwack (random town names!)
@ Blue steel....yeah full screen would be much better...
this also seems slower than the other maps?
well, persistence paid off, great score leeranerjung!
woah, gonna have to work at these names, hope everyone is enjoying these indian maps :)
so funny, the last messages on this page are from a previous challengers tournament, hello everybody, ready to sharpen your geography skills? have fun :) hope everyone is enjoying their day!
well played serginho :)
hey, some great scores there guys, well done, sorry I could not play until today (and i don't have my mouse!) I will still try! good luck GREEN :)
@Yassine: sorry it froze of a long time...maybe some other time we can play
@ Admin- having trouble with the arena freezing!
Well, not only does it take a long time for someone else to come in the Arena...once we are there, it loads the map, and then freezes...so the free pass is lost, did this happen to anyone else?
yassine, is the arena frozen for you?
sebik, you only get geoz if you win in the arena after using your free pass :)
Wow, I just got a little past you Bartek...but I do not know what time the challenge ends! what time is it there? it is morning over here :)
well done Barkek, what a great score :) you set me a challenge!
Thanks! Love the outfits guys...looking good :)
well well...here i come checking in for some fun just before bed...and what do I see at the top of the leaderboard...the usual suspects! Good luck to all in the finals :)
and hello to bartek my opponent...
hey guys, veniz - love your hair...
hope you are all enjoying New Zealand...some tricky names there :)
nice work green, looking good this morning :)
I have come over to junior to practice...good advice from the captain...New Zealand is difficult :)
Hey Guys, loving these americanised avatars....going to have to go to wardrobe for a makeover :)
Theres a party in the USA :)
great score lou :) you have done very well for yellow,
also well done to fengniu :)
Well, this is the end of Japan for me, I cannot seem to do better...i hope this is enough for yellow, Panda you lead with a wonderful score - and thanks for the encouragement.
Good Luck Danielinho, fengniu, lou, Missyblitz.

Well done also to red, blue and green...you are creeping up the scoreboard, this will be very close!
hi panda, love the new avatar, danielinho nice grab of the podium, i am sure u can be no.1 again, though it is true our blue hungarian is an amazing geographer!
Well, I must go to bed, but how wonderful to see a podium with so much yellow :)
YAY Daneilinho! You are a champion :) perhaps ninja warrior?
MissyBlitz - your avatar is awesome :)
One last game for me, then goodnight...have fun challengers
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