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PROD_S043_C017 : All the comments on our games : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun with Geography Map Games!

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By the way Ma 67..
Your and Albis score is amazing !!!!
Thanks Panda , Ma 67 and Opa :)
Thats true Panda.
And with that in mind we both have a big benefit here of course.
Now it will be very difficult for me to do something against your new highscore.
Im very happy that you managed :) Its not a easy thing to do !!
Congratulations Panda :)
Thats a really great score !!
Hey Panda :) Normaly I love this map...
But I cant focus at all at the moment.
I have big big problems !!!
But I at least came over 50 k and from there its not so easy to reach higher.
But that was just one game.
I have to start over all the time at the first section of the game because I do simple mistakes and that is not what Im used to.

Thanks :)
This will be difficult...
Some small difficult ones here.
Good luck Yassine :)
Thanks Panda :)
Hey challengers... Long time ago on this map...
Great speedcluber. bluesteel Panda and Albi ...
I soon have to quit playing for a while.
A big thunder is coming closer and closer.
Thank you Arwen :)
Great scores Panda and Arwen... Congratulations.
Tsssss... Yes but I am...
Now I had really great cities all over the game.
Every city around the Melbourne area for ex.
So I was lucky and should have done better then this.
Hey Panda...
Im so damn slow at the moment.
I dont know what it depends on.
Maybe my vacation beers :)

Great scores from you and Sebik... Amazing !!!!
Yes its a difficult map.
And I played here for maybe 2 years ago.
I only played for about ½ hour so far so you are right Panda.
It needs patience :)
Thank you Sebik :)
Yes you are right about many names where letters are missing.
But even if those were there I would have problems anyway ;)

Some of the south east and south west cities is impossible for me.
I go to the wrong south side all the time.
There is no 50 % chance for me.
There is only 100 % wrong.
Hey Panda... Thanks, Well I know the jr map quite good.
And I been here before.
But I guess it takes a while before I learn all these strange names again.
I have difficult for the south parts on this map.
Hmm. You must talk about someone else snowwhite.
Because I just came in here first now for a few minutes ago.
I have no result yet !
Congratulations Alzor...
That score is pretty amazing.
Im very impressed :)
Thanks Leer !!!
Now I think I reach pretty much as far as I can.
And I need to sleep soon ;)
Tomorrow I cant play becasue I work all day.
I did as best as I could.
But I dont have much to go on.
I think you will take this too szergejke :)
Good luck !!!
Thankz szergejke.... Thats kind words :)
Your welcome szergejke :)
Well now you put me in a difficult situation ;)
This begin to very hard !!!
Hmm- But I must continue to try :)
Congratulations....As Panda says. 1400 points in a ½ hour...
Wow :)
Agree :) Amazing szergejke :)
Thank U Snowwhite :)
Yes believe me ;) I know what szergejke is able to do.
So I not celebrate anything yet !
Ok... But please szergejke... Dont underrate yourself.
Your kapacity have no limits !

Thank U szergejke... But have you really give up ???
As I think you can reach higher !!
Thanks Panda :)
Tahaaa... Let me lough loud :) You dont have any chance against me ?!?!? Are we out in the space or what ;) ? Dont speak about yourself like that Leer... You beat me in 9 of 10 maps... Thats it... And everyones knows it. But yes ...The rivers in France might put both you and me in trouble...At least me... I hate it :) But I will continue and try tomorrow when I sober again :)
I so agree Leer... Its true... And I always have my arrow on the spot around Dallas /Fort worth area so that I can be fast enough if a city around that area comes up... Which it does quite often :) I hate cities like Conroe, Plainview, Brownfield, San Angelo and Huntsville for to mention some of them ;) There is to many cities that I dont like.... But the distance is not a problem in itself. I like El Paso for exemple. And I do like Texarkana or however you spell that name ;)
Ahh.. After 10 I had incredible scores sometimes.... Its the last ten that is the difficult part ;) And here its about to get at least 4 great games out of 5.... I want to reach at least 111 before Im pleased here... Because I know "I can" as The german band called Helloween singed ;) But you still are the king here Leer. Its a amazing map... And as I know both me and you like it, I respect you very much !!!!
Great Leer... You are really a great player... And I know your topscore... Its only you and Mouska a head of me as I know ;)
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