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PROD_S043_C017 : All the comments on our games : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun with Geography Map Games!

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Congratulation missyblitz you are in 1/4 , because i will not play. For me playing in this type of map is pointless. Nice result.
We play until tuesday 16:00
current standing.
1 Vezor 154494
2 snowwhite 148357
3 renatka 147658
4 sebik 146293
5 silesia78 57262
6 BartekPG 27764
What happens silesia? After all, you're on the map the best! You are a holder of record in this map and you've done 100 000, I am sure that you are able to do it again and win it without a problem.
Nice battle between renatka and snowwhite. After first day of competition:
1 renatka 147658
2 snowwhite 147251
3 sebik 75933
4 silesia78 57262
5 Vezor 42197
6 BartekPG 8371
I had 99 615, so it is possible :)
Hey, memebers of Polski club, you are on a right site. Good luck.
Scores has been picked up, scores are on members area.
The ending is close, we play until 4p.m. Monday. Vezor now beat silesia and is second. Bartek you are close to silesia you can be 3rd. Stina is 5th, she try every day to improve her result. Good luck
1 sebik 180320
2Vezor 178804
3silesia78 176037
4 BartekPG 174521
5 stina 164022
6 renatka 59942
Welcome renatka, we really missed you. I was worried because you are at every tournament. You havent much time but do you best, of course you will have points for 6th place (bacause we change a bit roles, you can read at members area).
Pretty good result szergejke, I dont have time to try to compete with you. I think you can do 182 000. I probably wont play more bacause the lack of time but I hope my result give me nice place at the end.
ok. Veniz already all right.
Veniz I send you message in your mailbox. please read, my result cant appear.
Keep going Bartek. You are now on podium but vezor is chasing you
Standing after second day. good luck :), we play until Monday 16:00
1 sebik 180320
2 silesia78 176037
3 BartekPG 168260
4 stina 164022
5 Vezor 107458
Come on Vezor (107458) you can improve your result.
well done stina good result.
1 sebik 178356
2 silesia78 176037
3 stina 164022
4 BartekPG 153147
Current standing:
1 silesia78 169466
2 sebik 165040
3 BartekPG 153147
Good luck all members polski club.
the results has been picked up, thanks for playing.
We play until tomorrow 15:00
1 sebik 92217
2 Danielinho26 91863
3 Vezor 91704
4 BartekPG 91561
5 silesia78 91079
6 snowwhite 89774
7 renatka 87866
8 gregor2255 87199
Sorry red team that so late .
Standing after first day:
1 sebik 92217
2 Danielinho26 91199
3 silesia78 91079
4 Vezor 90995
5 renatka 87866
You are on a good map members of polski klub. Good luck.
Jestem juz. :)
I think that Sylwina, Zyta , Alibaba, Kaczka and Lotosik is one player on different accounts.
Scored has been picked up. The results are on a members area.
Welcome new member Oliwia 009 and BartekPG we can play until 15:00. Good luck.
Ja ciagne myszke i jakos sie da (177850)
Welcome new member - lubka. Good result at the beginning.well done silesia, juz zaczalem sie martwic. Good result stina. what happens Renatka? I think that you can still improve your result. We play until monday 15:00. Current standing:
1 sebik 178121
2 Vezor 177102
3 silesia78 175919
4 Olek_z_Legnicy 174306
5 Danielinho26 173686
6 stina 165313
7 renatka 162656
8 lubka 131853
Poniewaz nie moge sie zblizyc do swojego rezultatu, a nie chce by sie czul oszukany ze podaje zly wynik to zagram z nicku mojej siostry: ,,sebiksister''.
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