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All the comments on our games

PROD_S043_C017 : All the comments on our games : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun with Geography Map Games!

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Great Coco!!
See you tomorrow!

Raoul, you're so british with your hat! Lovely
Ni hao les maoïstes!
Dites, on aurait pu se contenter du junior ;-)
Don't worry Kyz
I'm not the most drunked here
hello FSGC!
Hard map!
i'm going to sleep to make my sieste. Don't move, behind!

geography-map-games is good for your brain. It's like an apple a day who keeps the doctor away.
F... Lidiot!
This is not a method. Stop at 115k, i'm not sure I'll just arrive to suck your wheel

Gorgeous and marvelous this site of geography-map-games! isn'it?
because you climb on the mountain, not like a cat about trees but like a bouquetin des Highlands en kilt écossais!
Please for the answer, speak a frenglish yoggourt. I don't understand sinon.

Did you know these geography-map-games are fantastic?
godness the cat!
Are you in late?

Godness sir Lacuzon, you almost touch the sky!
Becareful, the cat will climb down from his tree
Tu joues au pompier
Je vais me contenter de la branche de Lidiot. It smells bad behind him.

So addictive to play with geograpy-map-games! (celle-là aussi, je l'ai piquée)

Hello dear clubbers of the FGSC!
I'm coming back for the struggle.
very nice couvre-chef, Rickeylou!
@mel, you will become miss England with your lovely chignon palmier...
Thank you for this very interesting site, really surprenant!
Sorry, amazing geography-map-games!
I translate
la traduc c'est pour bibi
Le monsieur te dit qu'il est le 13ème samouraï référencé à se faire hara-kiri...ou quelque chose comme ça
@javote, good shoot!

Congratulations kids!! Hope to see you on http://www.geography-map-games.com ! you should like it ! Enjoy Geography :)
(bon celle là, je l'ai piquée sur la page d'accueil)
Shake it shake it!
I like to move it, move it...
I've just made two zeros (miles?)
I'm coming next petit samouraï

Pour quelqu'un qu'aime pas, score déjà honnête.
@ottawa et Lacuzon
Avec vos scores déjà inatteignables, vous êtes classés combien?

Absolutly incredible those geographic-map-games!
You've drunked like a vulgar stalinian people
If i have more time today, my mouse are going to beat your bottom.
Good dam, j'ai été obligé de chercher sur wiki la signification de salsepareille.

This site geographic-map-games is enormous!
I've paid with my body, dear lacuzon
Sinon, you can try with internet explorer. lol!

Beautiful geography-map-games
lovely avatars girls and boys
cherchez l'erreur culturelle géographique parmi les avatars du podium. Banzaï!
I love geography-map-games
fantastic geography-Map-games!
Hello the fucking cie.
I begin and this is not de la tarte;
Par avance, sorry for my british yaourt language
Wunderbar, Marietyrol!
Come on french guys!
Froggies en force!
Sure Antoinette.
Ok, I drop it but now everybody knows that i speak english like a vache espagnole ;-)
Thank you Boris, but my fingers are paralyzed by the more coldest french sea : the Channel
See you soon on the games and good luck for the first place. Hard job!
OK admins!
Ottawa and boris30 are the best players of the world on geography-map games!
What the f.....french players on this place? :)