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PROD_S043_C017 : All the comments on our games : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun with Geography Map Games!

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Hi Littlemermaid,
How come your username came up as Chiye??
Hi Little mermaid,
Now your are just showing off!
Cheers and congrats, Melody
Hi Maelle, it's nice to hear from you!
Hi Littlemermaid,
It's nice to see you back on the board. I'll have to get a faster computer. Can't blame myself - I say sarcastically. Nice to see that you have still got it!
Cheers, Melody
Happy new year to you too!
That's alright Boris, I wasn't offended.
Hi administrator,
I'd really like to play the South American games in English. Is that possible?
I really enjoy playing the games on this site. Thank you.
Thanks Sammi, glad I could help.
Q is pronounced "ch" so Qin and Chin sound the same.
X sounds like "sh"
ao sounds like ow as in cow.
(To my ears anyway)
Thanks for that info Boris, now I have a better idea of where you spring from. I have been to rainbow beach a number of times! I have been to all the places that you mentioned except for Esperance. I've been along the WA coast from Perth to Albany and I have been across the Nullarbor Plain but I went North to Kalgoorlie, I did not go south to Esperence. I've also travelled the coast road from Perth to Broome and Derby and then cut inland to Fitzroy Crossing, Wyndham and into Northern Territory. There are no coastal roads north of Broome, probably because 'The Kimberley' is nearly all national park. Maybe you already know this. You are lucky to have travelled so much.
Hi Boris, you are right, I live in North West Sydney. Where abouts in France do you live? Which parts of Qld and WA did you like? (I've never been to Europe)
At its height, the Grand Canal of China joined Beijing to Hangzhou. It was 1776Km long. Parts of it are still in use today. It was started in the 5th century BC in Suzhou (The canal city) and the Suzhou canal is still in full use today. It was completed in the Sui Dynasty in 618CE. There is a whole lot of history associated with the canal. It was used extensively to transport grain and other commodities. If you are interested you can look it up.
Zh is "j" zhou is pronounced "joe"
zhou means provincial capital so places ending in zhou are usually big cities. (not always capitals)
e.g. The capital of Guangdong is Guangzhou.
The capital of Fujian is Fuzhou.
(Guizhou is a province - just to be different)
I am glad that you are enjoying my little additions Boris.
Hi Boris, I am not chinese. I teach international students in a Uni-college in Australia but I was a tourist in China last year and many of my students are Chinese. Mostly I am just really interested in places as I am sure you are. Are you French?
Jiang is a young river which through a gorge but it is also often used on the ends of place names. Hei means black and long means dragon so the province Heilongjiang (Black dragon river) is named after the river that separates China from Russia.
Hi Boris,
hai means ocean or sea so
Hainan is the southern province surrounded by sea.
hu means lake or lakes so
Hunan is the southern lakes province and
Hubei is the northern lakes province.
Hi Boris, I just noticed your score. Congratulations.
Hi Boris, I just noticed your score. Congratulations.
Hi Boris and thanks for your response
"he" means old broad river so
Hebei is the province north of the Yellow River and
Henan is the province south of the Yellow River.
Do you want some more info that might help?
Xi means west and dong means east
guang (pronounced gwong) means expanses
So the province Guangdong translates as eastern expanses
and Guangxi translates as western expanses.
Hi I would like to help people remember these names.
I am not Chinese so if I get it wrong please let me know. If you want I can add more.
bei means north. nan means south
jing means capital
So beijing (formally referred to by Europeans as Peiking) literally means northern capital. Nanjing, which has been the capital of China in a number of earlier eras is south of beijing and it is now the capital of the province Jiangsu.
Hope this helps.
This is a fabulous addition to your games. Thanks.
I think peking should be renamed as Beijing. This is what the Chinese call it and I think it is world wide accepted.