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All the comments on our games

PROD_S043_C017 : All the comments on our games : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun with Geography Map Games!

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I am happy yo see here Moorea and Klettersteig ( stiil with yellow avatar) , good games!!!
@Ricky forza e coraggio!!! non e'difficile come sembra ad un primo approccio-
Bravissimo Szergejke,100k in this game is really a great score!!!!! you are a great player!!!
I have doing a very good score but my friends Szergejke and Moorea are greats!!! Good luck to all the Turtles, we old men and women are very strong!!!
Good morning Caramelo! I am happy to see a lot of Turtles playing here, i am in very good company!
Ciao Jideh!!!
Hello Chiaratasso!!!! I am very happy to see another italian player on this games; please tell me in italian language : what's hebertisme?
Hello Challengers!!!! I have seen a great activity in the club today; now i am here and remember all that the Turtles are slow but inexorable!!!
I am very happy to see you here Jideh!!!
Hello Caramelo!!! happy yo see you ,we have a hard match with the Blues for the second place ( the Reds are a super-team) i am sure we can do better.
Great Arwen!!! the yellows goes!!!
are you in Colosseum-Rome?
Great Klettersteig!!! very good score!!! a chocolate kangaroo for you!!!
@Snowwhite we see your messages but obviously you don't see the ours who are a lot.
@Lou17 i am happy to see you whith the yellow hat,you are the fourth of our team and i hope you can do better!!!
It's a very hard duty for me!!!!
@Snowwhite i am sure that some italian chocolate makers will surprise you!!!!!
Sorry Szergejke , i don't remember well, the best Tokaj Aszu for the dark chocolate isn't the most sweet tipe.
@Szergejke the best for dark chocolate is Barolo Chinato ,an aromatized rare tipe of the famous piemontese wine but i think it's very good also Tokaj 6-puttonyos-
There is another yellow man whith us, Lou 17, courage and good scores!!!!!
I see the Yellow's women very strong whit me,very good!!!!P.S.I adore dark chocolate!!!!!
Congratulations Renatka, very good score!!!!!
Good morning Yellow's and a great welcome for Renatka, a new Challenger,good gamed for you with us!!!! I see a lot of yellow's scores but not in the high positions, we can do better, GO YELLOW'S GO!!!!
Hello Veniz!!!you are very good in this game!!! but i am tired after a hard match with Szergejke on Portugal-
Hello Ppaul!!!! I am happy to see you here!!!!
i discover a new game and the first is my hungarian mate Szergejke(uff!!!) however i am happy for you and for this nice game.
I dont understand exactly (my french is near zero) what's the problem but i have sometimes similar problems on the french site,maybe a problem of Flashplayer or Java,only can you make is off the pc and on after a few minutes.
Hello Lucas!!I live in a small city between Bologna and Ravenna.
@Lucas dont leave the game,i am sure you can do better!!!What's your slovene town?I know your country very well!!!
@Szergejke is a fantastic player,it's usual for me to be under him from a long time!!!!
Hello Flayo!!!!Good games for you!!!!!!
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