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PROD_S043_C017 : All the comments on our games : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun with Geography Map Games!

Discussions : Geography: Cities of New Zealand

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Hello - thanks for the game. For a kiwi living overseas, it's nice to refresh my Geography.
2 Mistakes that I have noticed:
Kaikoura is on the east coast of the South Island between Picton and Christchurch..!
Waimate is in the south island, between Timaru and Oamaru, there is also a small settelment, 'Waimate North' somewhat close to Kerikeri.

Waiheke is not a city but an island and Kaikoura is not located on the North Island but in the South Island on the East Coast between Christchurch and Blenheim.

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