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All the comments on our games

PROD_S043_C017 : All the comments on our games : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun with Geography Map Games!

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the french version the french version the french version. what's so big? there's an English version you know. our players are better than their's
my top score i'm the best in the world!!!!!!!!
Thank U MN 9101. Yes I agree...Andorra seems quite big compare to San Marino and Liechtenstein.
14e du mois et 11e / 1175 !!!
Un Tsunami est - il passé ?? 56 000 = 513 / 1175 !!!!
Well done Grumer!--It is nice to be able to finish the game, isn't it?..Now Andorra seems huge. San Marino
Yeah the french site is very good, he got a better quality than the others. But I think the admins haven't the time yet to do it.

And it seems to be a lot of french people here ;)
There's no problem.
Thank you for the explanation!...
Very simple. You've 42 countries to find. If you're fast enough to finish the game before time end you get a special bonus. In my case that's make 42*2000=84000 1778 (time remaining bonus)= 85778.
How can you score 85778? The scores are multiples of 500
yeah. In french map games, he his very good.
No, Alper is not a cheater!! He is a great player!!!
alper is a cheater
I'm agree with familyfun, the french version of this game allows to finish all the countries. I have the same problem with the asia and africa geo quizz. Maybe the administrators of this site can look at this problem. It's much more fun to finish all the countries.

PS : il n'y a que des francais ou quoi sur ce site?! :)
On the French version of this site, I can easily finish all 42 countries and score approx. 100 000. Is this because it is full screen or does the time seem longer?
Alors là bobo chapeau!!!
Et alper bah ... jcrois que sur ce site il n'y a que toi qui peut faire cette perf' ... Respect!
In fact, it's possible to finish this game but you really have to hurry!
les scores supérieurs à 100 000 datent de l'ancienne notation; sous peu , le dernier aura disparu et, malheureusement, le nouveau système avec 2 secondes d'attente et le chrono qui tourne ne permet pas de terminer le quizz et limite les scores à un maximum qui doit se situer autour de 80000....
I'm French and I haven't a problem because it's our continent !
Je n'ai pas de problème en tant que française vu que j'habite l'Europe !!!
I don't understant how some people manage to reach scores over 100,000. Even if, i play very quickly i can't reach 70,000 pts.
Are these people cheaters or Have the rules changed ?
(sorry for my approximative english :s)
Why is it every time I choose the country I have to wait for a few seconds until I see the next country. This is not fair, it wastes valuable time! I bet I can double my scores if I didn't have to wait for this "Bravo" thing to disappear.
If I may, being French might be a handicap because the countries are in english, it's different from the french.
Congratulations Emimiee but could you explain why being French might be a handicap?
Dur dur lorsqu'on est française ! Mais je suis dans le tableau des scores !!
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