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PROD_S043_C017 : All the comments on our games : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun with Geography Map Games!

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Cannot play WHYYYYY????
hey guysss,
im new here! but im so excited to be playing ooooo yeaaaaa lets rock this page nerd buddies!!!
best game
i cannot play anymore. Not sure why. But if I have to download and install something ... forget it

double ceebration 2day march 25 , for Greece. 1) Evangelismus day and 2) national day (begining the revolution in 1821 against the ottomans) so i salut it with a 188519 in world and a 103507 in mediterranean

anyone clubssssssssssss
@Challengers: You are on the right map for the ORTT to play until the 13th at 10h00. Good luck!
Voici la bonne carte pour le ORTT! on joue jusqu'au 13 à 10h00. Bonne chance!
suggestion : it'd be interesing if there was one more column under each game with the 25 all time best players
Can't learn it so difficult and I need help from someone!
PIERROT08 : Pour accéder à (my profile) 1clic sur (modify my information) et mon texte apparait; pourquoi ?
Дуже цікава гра.
I got 105085 first time playing this. I am new.
how do I get onto the game it wont let me play
hi we can chat here cool
im mlg at this
I Don't speak english :( !
to difficult...
My 2nd 190k|#plus#| score...

I think I would need an HD or better screen to go much higher than what I have currently. Some cities I can't get more accurate than about 30km's.

I'm currently on a 1280x1024 resolution
thanks !
vid quality is not that good, but it looks pretty nice, you are "way up there" :D
you don't need much to get to the 190 :)

Here is the video - but it's large and of low quality. I need to play around with converters or something.
I've never done that before (recorded screen or put anything on Youtube).

I tried using Camstudio. It's a pretty bad video. I'll try and record a better one. Also it seems to influence the responsiveness of the mouse.
Make a film and put it on youtube pls :)
Also - I hover on Rome between cities - to ensure that if Rome/Vatican City hits, I can score a 6700|#plus#|
Just improved on my best score twice. So I'm coming for you 190k...

I play on 150% zoom now, which allows me to see the whole map in as much detail as possible (better than fullscreen).

I believe the time spent playing on 250% helped me narrowing down the pin placements.
Still playing on 250% zoom, but scrolling with the keyboard.

I have created an autohotkey script that scrolls up, down, left and right. So I can get accuracy - scrolling still takes up time.

I now think that my main hurdles to achieving 190|#plus#| are:
* not always pinning correctly (because I don't necessarily know the exact position)
*I'm still getting used to the scrolling.
I've started playing on 250% zoom to get my accuracy up, but it takes longer - learning the exact positions where the needle must go for each city.

I'm trying to get the scrolling up to an art.
Ok, so while I don't have an exact formula - I can tell you that accuracy is more important than time.

It seems like your time component in the score is limited to the theoretical maximum of your distance score. Presumably one would get exactly double your distance score if you got it immediately and the time factor runs down from 100% to 0% in say 10 seconds. You can get close to 100% on distance, but probably not much more than about 80% on time (2 seconds)
Somebody with 190|#plus#|
Could you film your game and share it with us pls?
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