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PROD_S043_C017 : All the comments on our games : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun with Geography Map Games!

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it wont let me play
There are some very good players here. I love this game.

I am 62 years old and come from Norway.
I find this a very nice game, with two small imperfections:
1. Every computer session, on entering the web page of 'cities of the world' I cannot see the map and not start a game. To solve this, I need to go to learning (menu), and start an exercise there, because only there it will be asked if flash is allowed. After confirming that, flash is loaded, I can see the map and play.
It would be nice if that option would not be only available at the Learn environment,but also at the games.

2. If I accidentally hit my right mouse button while playing, the score is reset to 0 in the middle of a game. It would be nice if that could be solved.
this stuff is ###
nie moge otworzyć map, nie mogę grać
I won my state geographic bee and this is good practice
<a href="http://www.geography-map-games.com/geography-games-Geography-Cities-of-Europe-_pageid44.html" title="Geography: Cities of Europe" ><img src="http://www.geography-map-games.com/images/stories/jeux/games_t_eur.jpg" border="0" alt="Geography map games Cities of Europe"/></a>
Yo! When are you guys going to fix this site so the maps load? It's been quite a while now...
Hey pekaalexandru, I don't know if you're still around, but to answer your question... I just use a good old fashioned mouse, not a stylus or anything else. The trick is playing it a zillion times a day when you're supposed to be working. ;-)
Hello Players ! I do love this game but it s true i will never beat a 95000. I m just curious if those super highscores were recorded with a touchscreen or some kind a pen ?

Thanks. Good luck !
@Challengers: vous êtes sur la bonne carte pour l'ORTT, jusqu'à dimanche 20h00.
You are on the right map for the ORTT until Sunday 20h00.
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Hi, neoprimitive i just saw your message. thanks i find u always among te best specially in us cities. i also play in the french where players are tougher. my pen function came again as suddenly as it was lost.. so day in day out i perform better. i suspect that some functions are blocked for a while , periodicly for all good players so the newcomers can see themselves on the podium.. fair enough. if it is so please GMG inform us not to be worried . thank you ,i wish good competion to everybody
Hi Greekboy!!!

Don't give up! You have been always a good player, motivating me or other players to be better. Do something with the pen function!!!

Best regards from Hungary!!!
I will never visit this site again. Wont let me play, only interested in showing adds.
sorry guys my pen function on the screen doesnt work anymore ,so i cannot give u higher scores like i used to... such as 100|#plus#| in eur or 104 in mediterranean ,190|#plus#| in world..so i play with with the mouse in lower scores..... love u all

Blue steel
same south-europe cities....
I'm the only boss
sorry snowwhite!
i have take my private jet because my car is to slow!
c etait certainement max!!!:))
moi je suis plutot en mode diesel
pourtant j'ai senti un peu les pneus qui chauffaient!
ben euh j ai meme pas passe la seconde
Ma67x, Moorea14, Panda, Bluesteel, LJ: please proceed to a doping control! If OK, then your car should go to a technical control!
bluesteel you re over speed !!!!!
Just taken Leeraner on the outside of the chicane and I can now see Moorea at the end of the straight. But only a few more laps to go. can I catch up in time?
Great I can chase down Moorea now! But Moorea is driving too fast for me I think...
Hi Bluesteel !!!....i'm parking on the left side !!!..looooool
Thank you Panda ;)
salut bluesteel
maybe i have a best over 100 but will i get over this limit???......
not sure i have no much time
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