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PROD_S043_C017 : All the comments on our games : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun with Geography Map Games!

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Icehockey is number 1 I guess. Football is very popular here to even if swedes cant play the game :) Floorball, handball, Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing and swimming...Ohh must take a motorsport also, Speedway:) Italia actually have quite ok icehockey players and their league isnt that bad either.
I don't know anything about icehockey... in Italy isn't much practiced...Here the most famous sports are football,formula 1, moto gp... Instead in Sweden which sports are more practiced?
Well..I guess that girls also can like sports of any kind;) Some girls I know love icehockey more then I do:) Sad that Italia lost the final in EM.
Yes,Alessandro Del Piero is one of my favourite footballer too... I followed all the matches of Italy with big passion,despite the fact that I am a girl... :)
Thanks MJJTHEBEST..... Italy... I liked the way Italy played fotball in Ukraine/Poland. Specially in the game against Germany...Very impressive match. One of my favourite players all over time is Italian...Alessandro Del Piero :)
Thank you Grumer for the congratulations, you are really kind :) It's really funny have a battle with you... you're so potent!!!! For this game, we also need some luck.. XD
However I'm italian.
Wow MJJTHEBEST...That new score from U is really something...How the h*ll did U succeed with that ? Yes it is fun when 2 players are close and battle with just a couple of points in difference. But U broke me with that new score :)
Congratulations !!!!

Im from Sweden. Where are U from ?
Grumer>>>I like the battle for the first place in the best of the month with you....
P.S. Where are you from?
cool game but its very hard for me (im from estonia)
Thank you Grumer for the answer and for the congratulations... :-)
By the way...good score MJJTHEBEST :) Congratulations,, U are really fast.
MJJTHEBEST >>>> I cant really answer why, but I know that nothing is wrong with the game or anything....It happens to me also every time I score a new personal best. I have to think one step back in the rankings as I improve myself.
why in the general raking I'm third if yesterday i was second and no one has overcomed me in the top scores of the month?
and now : 32972. then i stopped talking for nothing (sorry), bye !
i like big butts and i cannot lie
can you put on full screen,please?
No full screen option again!
ciao gloria,sono italiana anche io!Devo ammettere che ci ho messo un pò di tempo a superarti e ora ti uguro BUONA FORTUNA!
well done, morena! I'll be trying my best to better your result..
come on, proud americans! you can't let an italian be top for too long in this game..
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