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All the comments on our games

PROD_S043_C017 : All the comments on our games : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun with Geography Map Games!

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Bonjour, de l'Administration,
Ce jeu est vraiment, vraiment bon. J'ai vraiment aimé ce jeu parce qu'il vous oblige à vitesse et précision. Merci !
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I am lost for words.
Wa, Wish wa! wiqu wa, prequa, shoba shubashabada!

This game is awesome.

Could we have a flags of the US, please?
@ Flayo : plutôt que de faire toutes ces opérations, rechargez simplement la page. La plupart des browsers vous renverront à la même hauteur de page que la précédente. Vous n'aurez plus qu'à cliquer sur "Full Screen" et sur "jouer".
Le bandeau disant de cliquer sur Echapp vient de votre browser, nous n'y pouvons rien...
A l'Administrateur,

Bonjour et bravo pour ce super site.
Puis-je me permettre une suggestion ?
Lorsqu'on tente de battre un record, on quitte le jeu à la première erreur, et on veut y revenir le plus vite possible et recommencer.
Mais voilà les étapes à suivre : (je joue en full screen)
- cliquer sur "normal screen"
- remonter l'écran jusqu'au bandeau de choix
- cliquer sur "USA" par exemple
- cliquer sur "Autres jeux USA" par exemple
- éventuellement ajuster l'écran
- cliquer sur "Cities of New-York" par exemple
- ajuster l'écran
- cliquer sur "full screen"
- attendre l'extinction du bandeau noir
- cliquer deux (?) fois sur "play"
Ne serait-il pas envisageable d'avoir un bouton qui permette de recommencer la carte dans les mêmes conditions d'écran sans avoir à refaire ce parcours ?
Pourquoi ce bandeau disant de cliquer sur Echapp pour quitter le plein écran, alors qu'il y a un bouton "normal screen" ?
Pourquoi deux clics sur "play" quand on est en full screen ?

Je sais j'en demande un peu beaucoup, mais je sais que vous êtes super cool... :) Merci d'avance. Flayo.

A l'Administrateur...

Bonjour, j'ai une page blanche quand je clique sur "My friends"...
Est-ce général ?

Merci !
sup, this game is bareee ting!
moi aussi
Merci beaucoup Th7! Très gentil de ta part. Au plaisir de se rencontrer quelque part dans ce vaste monde géographique...
thank and u too
Best wishes and Happy New Year 2012 to all the players!
Hi administrator,
I'd really like to play the South American games in English. Is that possible?
I really enjoy playing the games on this site. Thank you.
MN9101 >>>> Im sorry for not answering U on geosense last night.. I had fallen asleep:)
these games are so FUN!!!!!!!!! =D
Hello and congratulations for a great site with great games. Impeccable work. I am new here but I am already "addicted", but something keeps bothering me. In the European games (caritals, cities, glags) you are calling a country "Macedonia" when the official name is F.Y.R.O.M. There is no country with that name! Please check it out.

Thank you in advance.

These games are not fun
Hello, dear Administration ! What is happening with the scoring ??? There is a difference of almost 2000 points for every city and 30 to 40 000 points for a complete game. Also, it seems to be the same on all the city maps... So, for now, it's impossible to improve our top scores anywhere... I hope it's only temporary and that the scoring will soon return like it was before !
You found a very nice solution concerning the city of " Depok " in Indonesia.
Sincerely, thank you very much for everything you do !
Have a good day ! Mouska. :)
Hello! Administration. Your new game of Cities of Indonesia is wonderful !!
Unfortunately, there is two cities called the same name, " Depok ". It is a real lottery ! ! Maybe, one of them could be in capital letters and the other one in small letters. It would still keep the challenge to find the good one at the right place... IF it's possible to make the adjustment and consider this review, all I can say is: Thank you very much !!! Mouska. :)
What are you talking about?
Hello! Admin...
You are as always efficient and fast! THANK YOU!
Have a good day!
This problem may be fixed now.
Hi! Administration. Sorry to bother you again...
I think the scores of Australia Junior have been transfered to the new game of Cities of Pakistan. I never played there yet and I have a top score. Concerning Australia Junior, I have no more top score and I played there before. It seems to be the same for my friends. Today, I tried to play in Australia Junior but my score stays undefined.
I would like to say thank you for your hard work and also for all the new games. Really great!! Mouska.
Wonderful! Thank you Admin.
@ mouska :
This problem is fixed now, thank to a new presentation of the menu items...
Hello! Administration.
The home page is perfect. Then when we play a game for instance India Junior, if we want to stop our game in the middle and start over, India Junior is not available in the menu Commonwealth. We have to scroll down the page. It's the same for Geo Quizz Asia, Central America and South America in the menu World. Also from the menu USA, the names of Texas, Florida, New York and California are not visible anymore. A white square surrounds the map and hides all the names of these games. It would be nice if you could fix that little problem.
Thank you very much!!! Again, congratulations for your constant improvement and impeccable work.
Mouska. :)
Pascal et Olivier : si vous voulez un vrai Panama ,donnez moi votre tour de tete , et je me ferais un plaisir de vous en offrir un . ( deux ) .
Thanks Serginho ;)
Nos Jumeaux préférés sont tres forts en geografie , mais en calcul : 4 = 5 . Amitiés .....
Wonderful ! Thank you so much for these awesome new games ! Grand merci aux concepteurs.
Thank You very much Benoit. I recommend you Geosense, and online world geography game

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