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PROD_S043_C017 : All the comments on our games : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun with Geography Map Games!

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PIERROT 08 met un message sur : Looking for help ...

AJ= Looking for help ....
I cannot access any games in this new format. What is happening, please?
best site from all sites of this kind!
however when you said big changes were coming I expected more games which would include for example mountains and stuff, and you didn't create anything new... too bad guys
Hi, new design is awesome but I could not find States of India game on the menu. How can I find, help please?
@administration: I cannot play anymore on the new website GMG and my previous scores are all dispached in the wrong place: Canada in Asia, etc...???
site excellent
Sito eccellente.
This is a very good website.
ألعاب ممتعة ومفيدة جداً...أتمنى لو يوجد نسخ منها باللغة العربية أيضاً.
I would like to play the oceania geoquizz game in English. Is that possible?
Best wishes and Happy New Year 2013 to all the players!
why here aren't citys of centralamerica ?
This is so great becauseof this i am advancing inmy school's geo-bee! :)
In my opinion, I think that this is the best website for learning geography!! Thank you to who ever made this website!!

I'm grateful for what you were ready to do. I really appreciate it.
The message is gone, I suppose admins had reacted. Sorry I didn't answer your message earlier. I just saw it.
P.S. Don't be that judgemental of yourself. I think your English is perfect!
Hello Daxich,
I can click on the icon and ask the people of my club from french Geography Map to do it, but where is it? I did'nt found it. Is it now erased?
Sorry for my bad english, I'm french! ;-)
Please, I'd like you to remove this message:
ciaos mucacosi
lepo je sve ovo geografija i tako to ali
jel ima ovde nekih machkica za druzenje? :)
by user: el machoro
It is offensive! I've been clicking the icon that is used for reporting offensive messages, but the procedure tells that one person isn't enough to make admins remove the message... The reason why the others didn't click the icon is simple - they don't know Serbian or if they do - they don't care, which I doubt. This message makes me feel really angry... I'll translate it so that everyone can see how disturbing it might sound to someone, especially to women...
It says:
Hi, guys,
It's really nice - I mean, the geography thing, but - is there any kitten (in Serbian almost as offensive as bitch) who's in a mood for making friends? (and you might suppose which kind of friendship el machoro wants...)
Even the name of the user is offensive: el machoro is a romanized word meaning tomcat (and in Serbian it is something really disturbing)...
I hope you'll reconsider deleting this user, who obviously came here to do some disturbing things for which the site wasn't made and who obviously thinks geography is a waste of time..
Thank you for consideration of this matter,
TER : le drapeau du Panama est mis a la place du drapeau du Paraguay .....
i really like to play the South American games in English. Is that feasible?
I enjoy playing the games on this site. Thank you soo much......

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I think this site is boring no one knows where anything is.
Regarde les bien, ce n'est pas le cas. De plus, les jumeaux sont identique! :)
BIS : Le drapeau du Paraguay ressemble comme un Jumeau au drapeau du Panama .......
Bonjour, de l'Administration,
Ce jeu est vraiment, vraiment bon. J'ai vraiment aimé ce jeu parce qu'il vous oblige à vitesse et précision. Merci !
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I am lost for words.
Wa, Wish wa! wiqu wa, prequa, shoba shubashabada!

This game is awesome.

Could we have a flags of the US, please?
@ Flayo : plutôt que de faire toutes ces opérations, rechargez simplement la page. La plupart des browsers vous renverront à la même hauteur de page que la précédente. Vous n'aurez plus qu'à cliquer sur "Full Screen" et sur "jouer".
Le bandeau disant de cliquer sur Echapp vient de votre browser, nous n'y pouvons rien...
A l'Administrateur,

Bonjour et bravo pour ce super site.
Puis-je me permettre une suggestion ?
Lorsqu'on tente de battre un record, on quitte le jeu à la première erreur, et on veut y revenir le plus vite possible et recommencer.
Mais voilà les étapes à suivre : (je joue en full screen)
- cliquer sur "normal screen"
- remonter l'écran jusqu'au bandeau de choix
- cliquer sur "USA" par exemple
- cliquer sur "Autres jeux USA" par exemple
- éventuellement ajuster l'écran
- cliquer sur "Cities of New-York" par exemple
- ajuster l'écran
- cliquer sur "full screen"
- attendre l'extinction du bandeau noir
- cliquer deux (?) fois sur "play"
Ne serait-il pas envisageable d'avoir un bouton qui permette de recommencer la carte dans les mêmes conditions d'écran sans avoir à refaire ce parcours ?
Pourquoi ce bandeau disant de cliquer sur Echapp pour quitter le plein écran, alors qu'il y a un bouton "normal screen" ?
Pourquoi deux clics sur "play" quand on est en full screen ?

Je sais j'en demande un peu beaucoup, mais je sais que vous êtes super cool... :) Merci d'avance. Flayo.

A l'Administrateur...

Bonjour, j'ai une page blanche quand je clique sur "My friends"...
Est-ce général ?

Merci !
sup, this game is bareee ting!
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