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@admins: Please, just do something! The thing I'm about to describe is really bothering me!
There are a lot of questions with doubled right answer. Sometimes I choose the right one out of two right ones but sometimes I don't and it's not fair. I think that the point here should be brought into connection with knowledge, not pure luck. And sometimes one doesn't only lose score, but they get short on time for answering other questions also. Thus, although one is in possession of a knowledge, they are not given a chance to show it because of a stupid mistake you've made!
Please, consider ana_yapa's suggestion. Hope you like it as much as I do!
I didn't have that in mind, but I like it even better. I admire your imagination! :)
I like your idea very much! :)
Could you be a bit more specific about it? Could you explain how it would function?
Thanks in advance,
I'm grateful for what you were ready to do. I really appreciate it.
The message is gone, I suppose admins had reacted. Sorry I didn't answer your message earlier. I just saw it.
P.S. Don't be that judgemental of yourself. I think your English is perfect!
Please, I'd like you to remove this message:
ciaos mucacosi
lepo je sve ovo geografija i tako to ali
jel ima ovde nekih machkica za druzenje? :)
by user: el machoro
It is offensive! I've been clicking the icon that is used for reporting offensive messages, but the procedure tells that one person isn't enough to make admins remove the message... The reason why the others didn't click the icon is simple - they don't know Serbian or if they do - they don't care, which I doubt. This message makes me feel really angry... I'll translate it so that everyone can see how disturbing it might sound to someone, especially to women...
It says:
Hi, guys,
It's really nice - I mean, the geography thing, but - is there any kitten (in Serbian almost as offensive as bitch) who's in a mood for making friends? (and you might suppose which kind of friendship el machoro wants...)
Even the name of the user is offensive: el machoro is a romanized word meaning tomcat (and in Serbian it is something really disturbing)...
I hope you'll reconsider deleting this user, who obviously came here to do some disturbing things for which the site wasn't made and who obviously thinks geography is a waste of time..
Thank you for consideration of this matter,
At first, I didn't understand what you wanted to say... Then, after trying really hard to understand the message I realized that the problem lies in the word "color"... I suppose you wanted to say that there is something about Europe that makes it different from Asia and Africa? Maybe Google Translate didn't help you in a proper way? But then again, maybe you actually thought that countries that are in Europe with all their territories should be for example green and those that appear on the map and are not completely in Europe (or maybe have just a bit of their territories in Europe or those that are not in Europe but can be brought into connection with it because of their cultures) should be yellow or something... If so, I have one thing to say - something must be done to help people realize which country is in which continent. Thus, I agree that some countries should be colored distinctively... As for Cyprus, I know that Cypriots have troubles with having their territories unified. Sorry if this is rude but: What does Cyprus have to do about everything you've written?
(You are okay with for me?): There are a few things that cross my mind when I see this. You either wanted to ask me: "Do you agree with me?" or "Do you understand me?" or "Are you mad because I'm a bit chatty?" Let me answer all these questions and maybe you'll get your answer: I agree with you. I understand you 85%. I'm not angry because you're chatty, I like to chat with people... It's great because you can help someone and feel good because of that, you can improve your language abilities, you can develop your spiritual values and many other things... So, feel free to ask me whatever you want... As for the thing that you want my help in improving your knowledge of English, I think that I can only help you by giving you some pieces of advice (If I start with correcting every single error you've made I'm afraid that I wouldn't be able to stop...): First, watch loads of movies in English. Then, try to read as many things as possible in English (newspaper/Internet articles, books, magazines etc.), use auto correct while writing and be free to speak in English and don't pay too much attention to your errors... Errors are there to be made... If you're afraid of making errors you will never learn something that requires making them on the way to improvement (in this case English)... As time passes by your English will improve, don't worry - just learn on your mistakes!
Always happy to help,
@kacouche: I can see that you tried really hard to give me a decent answer. I'm grateful for that. I don't want to talk about Kosovo right now, I see that people form other countries don't understand the situation Serbs are in. I suppose they never will. Anyway, to tell something in reply to your very long message - there's a great level of respect, I see that your geography skills are immense... Some places that you mentioned are also the ones I've never heard of. And be sure, I've heard of many places people of my age have never heard of and probably never will. So - well done...
There's just a couple of things I'd like to add. First, I'm glad that we agree on many levels. Second, thank you so very much for your reply... That would be all. Sorry if this message contains no answer to something you maybe asked and I didn't notice. If you think I didn't answer your message properly just ask whatever you want. I'll be more than pleased to help you, maybe in the same way you helped me (amply).
Thanks again,
Glad that there are people who actually read the stuff I write xD,
@mr1pashe: I don't know which country you are coming from but I hope that your message isn't subjective (because I know the feeling when the others recognize a part of your country as an independent state). I'm from Serbia, and I don't know much about the history of Middle East and I suppose that the things they try to tell us aren't all true. The same things happen to Serbia... I suppose you know about our trouble with Kosovo... I'd like Kosovo not to be an independent country at least in these quizzes (Geo Europe Quiz, Flags of the World Quiz etc.) but I'm aware of the fact that it will be for a long time. Serbia can do nothing about that because much bigger states have control over the situation. I'd rather not mention them, for my own security, but what they are doing is really unfair. I hope your question is only there due to your interest and that it has nothing to do with your nationality. And finally, to answer your question: In every single quiz I've played on the Internet Palestine doesn't appear as a country. In fact, it doesn't appear at all. I've seen that they were competing at the Olympics this year but it doesn't have to mean that Palestine is an independent country (Guam appeared there too and everybody knows its a part of the USA). The fact that Palestine is written maybe erroneously: Palestinian territories, is to do with the fact that maybe it is not fully recognized as a country (I said maybe, because I don't want to talk about some things as if I was an expert when I'm not).
Hope this helped you...
With all my respect,
OMG, I just realised that you didn't put RUSSIA either... Another thing that may make MIljke angry, isn't it? If your excuse is: Russia has more of its territories in Asia, then - Why did you put Turkey there??? I mean, it has more of its territories in Asia Minor, doesn't it? And one more thing: You spelled "quiz" incorrectly. It's QUIZ, not QUIZZ. Plural form is: quizzes... Right?
OMG, I just realised that you didn't put RUSSIA either!!! Another thing that may make MIljke angry, isn't it?? :D If your excuse is: Russia has more of its territory in Asia, why did you put Turkey there?? I mean, Turkey has more of its territory in Asia Minor, doesn't it? And one more thing: You spelled "quiz" wrong. It's not QUIZZ, it's QUIZ... Plural form: QUIZZES. Right? Hope this won't make you angry...
I agree with MIljke. How can everyone be so calm when there is no justice for Serbia and Serbian people... I think what they're doing is CRUEL! BTW, what's up whit Monaco and Vatican? I know those are small countries, but still, if you can conjoin France and Monaco, and Vatican and Italy, why is Kosovo separated from Serbia??? I think it's not fair! And if your excuse is: Vatican and Monaco are too small, why did you put Liechtenstein, Andorra and San Marino there??? Outraged and confused... Hope someone will see this and reconsider at least putting Vatican and Monaco there...