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hi my na

1)The war must be for a just cause.
One of the reasons to go to war against another country is when they are attacking you and you are defending your country. or if another country atacs a different country you are allowed to help them defend them self. One example is the gulf war where saddam invaded kuwait in 1990 and that made it just to help kuwait defend themselves saddam hussein attacked kuwait because they were an oil rich country so he could pay off debts for the war the fort with aran in august the 2 1990. he attacked them for the wrong reason so his attack was unjust. in ww2 hitler invaded poland which meant that england and france could declare war on them. Hitler's aim was to wipe out the jewish religion. And another just cours is a civil war where one half of a country is fighting the other it is called genocide as in the quotation from colonel alderson ‘and the genocide in rwanda’. For an example rwanda the tutsis vs the hutus. the hutus were no the verge of wiping the tutsis out but the un intervened

but did not fight and the tutsis maid a rebel army and stopped it and they made an agreement that hutus and tutsis were not a thing any more that was a just war for the tutsis and the un but the hutus killed for wiping out a race so it was an unjust war for them.
Your intention has to be for the right cors or it will be unjust and illegal. For an example the iraq war wer gwb JR attacked saddam hussein because he was building weapons of mass destruction. But some people are quaschning his reason some people think he did it to kill saddam hussein to finish what his father had started in the gulf war. there was no weapon found and that is way people are quaschning it. Colonel johnston quote war is horrific.
There must be a reasonable chance of success.you must be able to beat them or it is unjust and it will go on for a long time which means it will be a prey longed war. A war between russia and america would not be a solution.

Before you can declare war on another country you must try everything in your power to stop it before you attack. You can negoashiat with the oter cuntry you can say that you will give them better traid and thing if they pull their army out then you threaten to freeze their money and put a trade sanction if they still do not pull their army out then you can make it a legal to trade with them so they lose money and they can not leave the country and make it a legal to buy anything from them and if they still do not pull out their army then put your army at the edge of the country and say I will declare war on you if you do not pull out your army and if they do not pull their army out then you declare war on them and attack them.
The war must be lawfully declared so it is never just one person who wants to go to war. There has to be a vote in parliament whether we should go to war or not. It was illegal to go to war in 1923 when the paris peace act was in place every country signed the paris peace act so it was illegal for any country to go to war as the act was in place.

The means used must be in proportion to the end that the war seeks to achieve.
You must check if you are going to things better or wears so if the people are doing evil 7/10 and by solving it it will be evil 3/10. If 10/10 is going to kill the world and 1 is maik people give back land without killing them. In world war two 64 million people died but we stopped hitler and his fascist government so if he was in power then all of the colored people would die and all the jewish would be killed so we stopped him was that a good Idear. I think it was a good reason if hitler had been in power then it would be a 9/10 evil and because we stopped him it was only a 8/10 evil so it was better to stop him than let him to power. World war 2 was funny and hard to say some people think like me some don’t.

Jus in bello

Jus in bello means how a just war should be fort. The war that starts as a just war must stay as a just war until it is finished.