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Glad to hear of your methods, Steve.
I considered starting in the W. Midlands but found that the sudden click does not get enough points and that it is more difficult (at least for me) to have all ranges of motion (NSEW) as possibilities for places. From Brighton / Hove, with the exception of Penzance, Falmouth, Plymouth and Torquay (which are of course a little WSW) all other places are an upwards motion - or quick movements to the side for the likes of Fareham, Gosport, Portsmouth, Waterlooville, Bognor Regis, Littlehampton, Worthing, (and on the other side) Eastbourne and Hastings. Certainly the principle of having a repeating starting place makes the distances for movement much more familiar.
As to types of screen, I think that a very large screen would be more a hindrance than a help for a high score, if it is correct that speed is favoured over precision to the degree I mentioned below: the gains in being able to see more precisely the correct place would perhaps be outweighed by the distance the hand needs to travel. However, large touchscreens exist - so I wonder whether anyone has played the game well by screentouch rather than mouseclick?
After a bit more persistence I managed to break 115,000, and a decent go allowed low 115,200s. This had a lucky Brighton in and only a couple of sub-5,700 slips, so I won't try to better it. I would suppose that 115,500 is as good as could be done (at any rate given the laptop I use), if Brighton and Hove cropped up along with some other happily close places.
But maybe there is a better strategy?

[continued - I hope - from below]

between each go I reset to Brighton and Hove, from where a dozen or more places are within an inch on the screen (allowing for a sub-1.5 click) and from where the preponderance of cities in the south can be accessed; of course, if Brighton and/or Hove crop up, an instant click gives some 5,920 points! With this method I think it would be possible, with a perfect go, to achieve somewhere in the low 115,000 region - but I don't have the patience to play for a perfect round! (The best I have managed is 57,900 on the first ten, but of course then a Gairloch or a Tamworth or a Wolverton comes to spoil the precision party...)
Anyway, I would be glad to hear how others tackle the game: maybe there are some very skilled mouse(wo)men who have better strategies?

[continued from below]

between each go I reset to Brighton
Hi all. I wonder what technique high scorers on this game use?
Initially I aimed for precision over speed, i.e. trying to get within 3k under 2.5 seconds, but I found that this made it difficult to get more than 5,700 a go, which left no scope for recovery for a couple of bad placements (as always happen in a round of 20). I found the next day that a higher score can be had by favouring speed over precision: getting within 7 or 8k under 1.8 seconds generally does better, i.e. low 5,700s, and into the 5,800s with precision. This means there is no time for mouse corrections really (at least not for me, who am not very good with a laptop mouse) but more a direct drag, click and hope. This generally allows 5700-5800 per go - but of course a few errors crop up each round, for which compensation is difficult. I have also found that having a well-chosen fixed starting place for each go is useful: between each go I reset to Brighton