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All the comments on our games

PROD_S043_C017 : All the comments on our games : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun with Geography Map Games!

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Now let's move on to Peru where I know nothing ...
102509 = 12,6 km / 1,79 sec :))
Thanks :) That was a lucky one. First time I didn't miss the last city when I had hit the 19 before . . .
@ Bluesteel: well done, 109k this time ? :)
Hi Panda and Grumer. Both of you must have super-brains :)
Rank 12 of 464 on a speed map ? it's unbelievable, isn't it ? Lol ...
Well, in comparison to the "middle-earth map" this map is rather easy ...
There is :)
A new topscore. That was my goal here and I achieved it. Let's see if there is room left for more :)
Great score Panda :)
I just found out the secret of anticipation :) a real good map to become better on zone maps.
My "alter ego" (LeeranerJung) has a score of more than 105k, so it should be possible :)
@caramelo: good luck to you :) I actually would try the Junior map first. There is quite a deluge of cities on this map, almost impossible to remember ...
@Caramelo :)) thanks. Well, this was one of my favourite maps when I started on geography-map-games some 5 years ago. So I could relearn the cities quite fast. I think I can do even better, so let's try. Have a nice Sunday ...
Hello Yassine, good luck to you !
@moorea: of course it's a challenge. But I simply don't like maps where I have to THINK about each question. I want to relax when playing but this just makes me mad. But okay, you challenged me, so to speak, lol. I will give it another try .....
@Saskia: Gefeliciteerd voor het 100k !
After two hours of fruitless attempts, I decided not to waste my time on this any longer. It is not possible for me, not in one hour, not in ten nor in a hundred. No good choice for a map in a ORTT ....
this is a horrible map, it doesnt work really well
@chrysss: Thank you so much :))
Can I make this map somehow bigger ?
well, actually I will return on Friday I think so I definitely can't play here (I am without PC at my dad's home)
@panda: You did it !
Hello people !! I will not take part in this tournament because I will leave tomorrow for a couple of days .. But I will play here just for fun I think because it's one of my better maps .. Have fun at the tournament !
Well done 'hooked' :))
Well done kapucine ! Come on, Catounette and Jean-Cyrille, this isnt as difficult as it may look like. Courage, courage :)
Great video (and inspiration) !!!
incredible, No 1 of the month on a zone map. But not for long I guess, lol
I have played here quite often, so it's time for the 114k I think.
Thanks for this easy map :) Good luck to my team mates !!
@snowwhite: Just for information: My opponent will go directly to the next round because I am going on vacation on Tuesday.
@alI: I wish everybody a successful conclusion to the year, a peaceful holiday and a healthy and prosperous start to 2016.
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