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PROD_S043_C017 : All the comments on our games : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun with Geography Map Games!

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Hi Greekboy!

Thanks for Your question. We are at home with the whole family. We can work in home office, and the kids have tasks on the net. My 9 year old daughter, Anita cries almost every evening, because She started to think about death, firstly in Her life. Hugs and kisses helps Her going to sleep. Too much news about the tragedy. Peter, the 6 year old son is harder: we have some sports every day. But Anita started to write a cartoon, titled: " Merry days of our quarantine"

What about You and Your children? If You want to write me private, my mail is: hosko.laszlo@melodiak.hu

Best wishes and take care!!
Hi Greekboy,

I wish You and all the other players very Happy 2020 too!!!!!

Hello Greekboy!!!

Nice to see You again.

Come more often if You can.

Best wishes:

Hello Greekboy!

Hi again :o)

What's up?
Hi ania-rsko!

It is good to have such a good player, like You, as a competitor. Now I have made |#plus#|1 point in Brasil, but it's always make me play better, if I see Your good performances in any maps.
I cheer for You, and I do not mind, if You are better. It is just another challenge for me.

What country are You from? I am from Hungary.

Best wishes:

Hi Greekboy!

Welcome again!

Thanx for the info. I try to play in ancient Hellas in the future.

I suggest cities of Brasil, because it can be the other game You can play on this site. First can be difficult, but most of the cities near Rio
Hi Greekboy,

It's good to see friendly faces again. I hope You can play on other maps too (I don't mind if You have better resuts sometimes, than me :o) When you were not in those games, Odysseas represented Greece, Ελλάδα :o)
If You can send me the link of Ancient Greek cities, I'be happy.

I am ok. I Try to spend a lot of time with my nice children: Anita is 8 , her avatar is TynePine. Peter is 4.5 , his nick is OkosPeti Means: WisePeti:o).
They play mainly on Boroughs of London. For Peter I have to read the borougs' names. Anita in the same age has already read them on her own. Last time Anita started to question about Ancient Hellas:
About Olympus, the gods, etc..

How are Your children (do You have three?) What are their ages?

If You have time, plz write

Best wishes and Merry Xmas!!!

neoprimitiv, the Hungarian Indian :o)
Hi Topograph!!!

We have today in Africa134522 totally equal monthly weekly and daily

I like this kind of sharp competition

Have a nice day!!!

neoprimitiv from Budapest
Hi Greekboy!!!

Don't give up! You have been always a good player, motivating me or other players to be better. Do something with the pen function!!!

Best regards from Hungary!!!
Hi Oldhamdave!
Congratulations for achieving 170.000 again
Are You from Oldham? Do You like MUFC or City?
I cheer for United from Hungary
Best wishes

Dear Admins,

Capitals of USA game in the last 24 hours cannot accept my clicks, or if can, thousands of kms far from the place where I clicked. Other maps are OK, so I think that it is not my PC's fault. This is the best and quckest game, so I miss it.

Other suggestion: Cities of the world is too long with 30 cities.
Can You create a shorter version with 10-15 cities? Mainly in junior version, because for my 4 year old daughter, "Tinypine" likes it but after ten clicks she wants to stop it.
Waitingfor Your kind answere.

Best regards