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PROD_S043_C017 : All the comments on our games : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun with Geography Map Games!

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brustin, I'm accord to you!
I am foor you !
@daxich :
By you, the territory European should be color different of territory Asia and Africa?
For me is a good idea.
And the apparition Cyprus unifed, is no true because, the north is no in control of Cyprus Greec. You are okay with for me?
I don't understand totaly your message (because my english is very bad), and thanks Google traduction i understand, almost all.
First, thank you for your reply.
Sorry i not give a answer must long, because i desir sleeping.
Tomorrow i make a reply good.
Please, could you noticed my errors, by your help, I increasing in english.
daxich, i am ok for you (no for the Kosovo he is recongnized for a ONU). But you miseed lot country : Arménia, Géorgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.
And the Swdeen annexed tow island : Borholme and Aland.
And the many error (google traduction help me !) :

Your game GeoQuizz Europe has errors:

Many countries are not included:
- Monaco.
- The Vatican.
While these countries are fully in Europe.

Indeed, in this game there are even Turkey, but not:
- Russia.
- Georgia.
- Azerbaijan.
- Kazakhstan.
While all of these countries, such as Turkey have a percentage of their territory in Europe, but are not full. Russia even has a percentage of its territory in Europe higher than that of Turkey. So if there is this game in Turkey, these countries should be there.

- Armenia.
Although it is not part of Europe geographically it is culturally, like Cyprus, and to a lesser extent Malta and Iceland.

More you can see errors sovereignty
- The island of Aland is Finnish but in this game is Swedish.
- The island of Bornholm is Danish but in this game is Swedish.
Read the story of these two islands, you will understand how you can be outraged by this error sovereignty.

And geographical errors:
- The absence of the Faroe Islands, Danish.
- The absence of the Channel Islands, the British.
- The absence of the Isle of Man, British.
- The absence of the ratchet Gibraltar, Columbia.
- The enlargement of the isthmus of Perekop isthmus connecting Crimea to the rest of Ukraine.

Finally there are errors that are questionable:
- The emergence of a unified Cyprus.
- The demarcation of the territories of those Asians in Europe, and even states transcontinental outlined at the beginning.

I sent a first message you expressing these errors and I had to answer:

"GeoQuizz Europe will change soon (early 2012), some small countries will be removed and Russia will be in."

We are off on May 25 and there is no change, so soon in the middle of the year 2012, while the changes were to take place in early 2012. Furthermore it would be a shame to remove small countries, although it is difficult to click on it, they are part of Europe.


Vivien Fasson.


Helo ! I am a french, my english in very bad!
Regarde les bien, ce n'est pas le cas. De plus, les jumeaux sont identique! :)