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All the comments on our games

PROD_S043_C017 : All the comments on our games : Find the countries, find the states, locate cities of USA, of UK, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Have fun with Geography Map Games!

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i'm not
started a new game at work , playing it blindfolded with a colleague calling out the places . starting in the middle before each shout .
Does this qualify for sad git of the year ?
Respect to you all . This is so hard
kept waiting for bradford and luton to appear
Hopkch why do you think Poole is up north , because of Blackpool , Hartlepool and so on . It gives them something to wash in , occasionally .
Some of you are very good at this..............for Americans
In at the far post to snatch the points ! Dalefan , Lord Nelson , Yeovil Town , Maggie Thatcher We gave your boys a whopping

sorry got carried away
In at the far post to snatch the lead , mind you its the only time Yeovil will be in the top half of any table this season :)